IN: Michał Szalast – Dao Quy – coming from Jagiellonian University, Poland

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My name is Michał Szalast – Dao Quy, and I come from Cracow (Poland). I study International Relations at Jagiellonian University and between from 29th June to 18th September 2015 I am doing practical placement at the International Research and Mobility Program Office of the University of Cagliari. The office is also Euraxess Service Centre for Sardinia.

My tasks include dealing with the Euraxess Centre activities, monitoring the official European Commission website to check for fellowships and grants to be published in the Office website and sent to the mailing lists. I have the opportunity to participate in appointments with candidates for foreign PhD fellows and researchers at the University of Cagliari where all the administrative issues are being done.

First reason why I have chosen Cagliari for summer internship were many positive recommendation about the city and whole island I was given by my friends from Poland and Italian people who I had met in Poland. I also wanted to try my hand at work in university environment and here I have a great opportunity to fulfill it. What is more, Sardegna is also a perfect place to get to know local culture and customs and improve my Italian skills. Since I have arrived here, I am delighted with excellent weather and delicious food. I am sure that this is not my last visit in Sardegna.

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