Nov 132011

Hi there,

                 Well what did we do last week? We looked at superlatives- the grammar was in with the comparatives last week. so I won’t write it again!

Then we did the Past Progressive /Continuous

Past continuous (progressive)

Actions in progress at a particular time in the past.

Wh-word Aux.(be) Subject -ing form  
What was John doing at 6 o’clock?
  Were they studying in the other room?



Sub Aux. (be) gerund  
He was watching TV.
They were working in the other room.
NEGATIVE FORM Aux. (be + not)    
He wasn’t listening to the teacher.
It  wasn’t raining.  




Past simple for an action that interrupts the action in the past continuous!

—————————The sun was shining ——————————————

                                     The birds were singing

                                      A dog was barking


(past)                                     woke up                       (now)


When I woke up, the sun shining, the birds were singing, a dog was barking……….!



—————————I was having a shower—————————————–

                                    John was watching TV

                                      They were having breakfast


(past)                                the phone rang                           (now)

                                      the postman arrived

I  was having a shower, when the phone rang. = While I  was having a shower, the phone rang

John was watching TV, when the postman arrived.= While  John was watching TV, the postman arrived  

                 And now we’ve just started the Present perfect. We looked at one of its uses to ask/talk about experience!  Here’s the grammar!

PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE (1. For experience)

 S  AUX (HAVE)  PAST PARTICIPLE                               

I ‘ve (have)    had                                       many different jobs in my life!



I haven’t                   been               to the United States but I have been to Canada.



Have you ever been to New York? Have you ever eaten sushi?


Short answers

Yes, I have / No, I haven’t.   No, never!  (I’ve never been to France!)


We are talking about the experience NOT when it happened. CFR

I’ve met Madonna!                                                       I met her two years ago.

 So there you have it!!! We are going to continue with the Presnet Perfect next week so see you !!!






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