Nov 042011

Hi there ,

                Just a quick note about what we did yesterday!!!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Well , Wednesday quite a few of you came along ; thanks!!!

We looked at making requests and answering !


I’d like a cup of tea!!!

Can I/you open the window, please?

Could I/you open the window, please?  MORE FORMAL.


I wonder if I could use your newspaper.


Yes, sure/ certainly/of course.

I’m sorry but it’s too cold in here! I’m afraid that I am still reading it!

We also did some revision  of questions etc.

On Thursday we started looking at Comparatives.  Here’s the grammar rules for forming the Comp.  You’ll also find the rules for the Superlative.


COMPARATIVES                                                                                                            SUPERLATIVES

SHORT ADJECTIVES   (1 SYLLABLE)     + ER                            SHORT ADJECTIVES   (1 SYLLABLE)  the    + EST

Old – older           sweet – sweeter           tall –taller          Old – oldest  sweet – sweetest tall –tallest

Spelling  big- bigger   hot –hotter                                            Spelling  big- biggest   hot –hottest




Adjectives in –y ( usually, two syllables   – ier          Adjectives in –y ( usually, two syllables;  the   – iest

Happy – happier              lucky –luckier                                   Happy – happiest            lucky –luckiest



Longer adjectives   with MORE                                                                                              Longer adjectives   with the MOST


Interesting   – more interesting beautiful – more beautiful             Interesting   – the most interesting

     beautiful –  the most beautiful



Good – better- the best                              bad – worse- the worst

Far- further-  the furthest


John is OLDER THAN Mike.                         English is MORE DIFFICULT THAN French.


He’s the oldest student in the class.    Which is the longest river in the world?

NOT AS ……. AS                                       AS…..AS

Mike isn’t as old as John.                       This hotel is as expensive as the                                                                     one in Oxford Street.



Remember to do the reading comprehension from your test for Tuesday!

See you soon!




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