Mar 152011

Hello everyone!

                          As regards LAB 2 group just wanted to remind you that tomorrow the lesson will start at 15.20 but that before that there will be a so-called HELP lesson at 14.45! Remember this is not obligatory and is only for those people who are feeling a little out of their depth!

As regards content: we started looking at Phrasal Verbs today and took another look at the Present Perfect! (Do I hear cries of “Oh no.not again!!!” ) Don’t forget to practice those questions- remember “Practice makes perfect!!!”

For the ESP people- we started looking at the Rosetta Stone- its history, description, and how it is described in the British Museum Database!  Remember to study the key vocab!

  See you tomorrow!

    have a nice evening and think English!!

              Going to have a nice cuppa tea now!!!

                Any comments!!!


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