Mag 082011

Just a quick note to say that we’ve come to the end of our lessons- all that remains is the TEST!

Please remember that you will need to enrol online on the Faculty site!

   See you at the test!


  4 Commenti per “We did it!”

  1. Hi Prof. I could not find entry to the laboratory of English

  2. it’s now on the faculty site!

  3. Dear teacher,
    I’ve got a question to ask you about informal English…
    I don’t understand very well what “ta-ta” means. Sometimes I hear it at the end of certain conversatons… it is like “bye bye” or maybe like “thanks”.
    Is it commonly used or is it a slang from a specific area or city?

    Ta ta
    (I’ve tried to use it now… but however I don’t know if it works well in this context)


    • Yes , you’re right – it’s slang for “bye bye!” Used a lot in the north and in Wales! It’s also part of TTFN (ta ta for now!)
      “Ta” by itself is slang for thanks!
      Ta ta!

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