Please refer to the chart below for the various Conference costs.

Special Early Rate (if you pay before 25-05-12)* Regular Rate (if you pay after 25-05-12)
Regular Fee Student/Retiree Fee Regular Fee Student/Retiree Fee
Conference only 55.00€ 45.00€ 80.00€ 70.00€
Conference + Excursion 70.00€ 60.00€ 95.00€ 85.00€
Conference + Banquet 85.00€ 75.00€ 110.00€ 100.00€
Conference + Banquet+ Excursion. 100.00€ 90.00€ 125.00€ 115.00€

* The Special Early Rate has been extended until June 8.

The optional excursion to Nora will be held on Sunday, 24 June.

We will be leaving Cagliari at around 9.30AM and coming back at around 6PM.

The price of the Excursion includes a lunch box.

According to the Greek historian Pausanias, Nora was founded by a group of Iberians led by Norax, the mythological son of Eriteide and the god Hermes. Since commercial trades with the Iberian Peninsula were controlled by the Phoenicians, modern historians believe that Norax’s people were the Phoenicians, who used the town as a sheltered port for their ships during storms.  In the 5th century B.C., after a heroic resistance, Nora fell under the dominion of Carthage and became one of the most important trade centres of the Mediterranean Sea, as is proved by all the pieces of china, jewels and amulets from Greece, Africa and other regions of Italy which were found in many tombs. In 238 B.C. Nora was conquered by the Romans, who built there a theatre, and amphitheatre, as well as important thermal baths.  For those who can read Italian, more information can be found at here.

On our way back we will stop for a brief visit to the nuraghe Sa Domu ‘e s’ Orcu (‘the ogre’s house’ in Sardinian language). A nuraghe is an ancient megalithic edifice from the Bronze Age which is found nowhere else in the world and, for this reason, is considered the symbol of the island. The most important nuragic site in Sardinia, i.e. Barumini, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which provides a detailed description of these mysterious fortresses (found at here).

Specific information about Sa Domu ‘E s’ Orcu can be found at here

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