‘Hail, friends’, he said, appearing at the door crown, with a massive garland of ivy and violets, his head flowing with ribands. ‘Will you have a very drunken man as a companion of your revels?’ (Plato, Symposium, tr. by B. Jowett)

Seven Sages of Greece Discoursing around a Table, Pietro Testa, 1648.

The optional Banquet will be held on Friday, 22 June, at 8.30PM at the Restaurant Al Castello, in the middle of San Michele Park, located in one of the most important hills surrounding Cagliari, near the famous Castle of San Michele, an impressive fortress built in 1325 in order to defend Cagliari territory. Al Castello proposes a rich menu with both meat and vegetarian options (indicated with a V), at the price of €30.00 per person.


Pane Carasau and pane Gutiau: typical Sardinian bread served with olives and different kinds of cheese V

Malloreddus alla Campidanese: a traditional dish of the South of Sardinia, which consists of a typical pasta (called ‘gnocchetti’ in Italian and ‘malloreddus’ in the Sardinian language served with tomato, sausage and saffron sauce

Tagliatelle al pesto V

Pollo alla cacciatora (Chicken with vegetables)

Cuttlefish with garden peas

Vegetables Pies V

Mixed salad and grilled vegetables V

Fruit and ice cream V

To drink: Mineral water, ‘peasant’s wine’ (both white and red), orange juice and coffee