NECTAR Meeting in Cagliari

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    NECTAR Cluster 6 Meeting
    October 16-17 2009, Pula-Cagliari, Italy


    Photo Gallery Nectar 6 Cluster Meeting

    Photo Gallery Nectar 6 Cluster Meeting in Cagliari



    Final Program (PDF)

    List of Participants (PDF)

    Book of Abstract (PDF)


    NECTAR web page

    Call for paper (Download PDF format)

    Event presentation held in Arlington-USA (Download PDF format about 700 Kb)


    How to reach the venue

    By taxi: expensive (70 €)

    By car (follow the driving directions reported in the link below):,8.980615&hl=en&geocode=&mra=ls&sll=60.164999,24.938278&sspn=0.030574,0.077162&ie=UTF8&ll=39.09543,9.08638&spn=0.381559,0.617294&t=h&z=11

    By bus: you need to take 2 bus lines:

    1) from ELMAS airport to Cagliari Bus Station

    Departure times (the trip takes around 10 mins):
    08:45  09:15  09:45  10:15  10:45  11:15  11:45  12:15  12:45  13:15 13:45  14:15  14:45  15:15  15:45  16:15  16:45  17:15  17:45  18:15 18:45  19:15  19:45  20:15  20:45  21:15  21:45  22:15  22:45  23:30
    00:00  07:25  00:30

    2) from Cagliari Bus Station to hotel Flamingo resort (bus stops are
    placed along the road SS 195; ask to the bus driver where to drop off):

    Departure times (the trip takes around 1 hour):
    06:30 07:20 08:20 11:00 11:30 12:30 13:25 14:15 14:15 15:20 16:25 16:25 17:30

    For more detailed information please contact hotel Flamingo resort (website:; e-mail:; Tel: +39 070 9208361-2-3)


    2009 NECTAR Cluster 6 Meeting call for paper:

    Please, submit an abstract to as soon as you can, and possibly not after the following deadline.
    Abstract Submission: 15th September 2009
    Abstract Accepted Notice: 30th September 2009


    Call for Papers

    Accessibility is a complex concept: its definition and methodological development needs a  multidimensional approach. In this meeting, a special focus will be devoted to the use of accessibility-related concepts as a framework/tool able to support policy making and spatial planning. Thus, this meeting will gather in a friendly atmosphere scholars coming from a number of disciplines and countries and being invited to contribute to the debate about recent developments on the study of accessibility. We also encourage the discussion of research project ideas and proposals.

    Submitting an abstract

    Colleagues interested in presenting a paper are kindly invited to send at their earliest convenience an abstract of maximum 500 words by email to the meeting chair Andrea De Montis ( by the 15th of September 2009. Please, also indicate, title, author(s), affiliations, corresponding contact, and three keywords. The first 15 submitting authors will be invited to present a paper in the meeting. We have also space for further 5 colleagues, but at their own expense.

    Registration fees

    NECTAR members for the year 2009 will have the registration fee waived as well as one night’s accommodation, dinner and lunches. Please see NECTAR website the two-year membership fee is 120 €. Non-NECTAR members are also welcome to join the meeting for a registration fee of 120 €.

    The venue

    The meeting will be hosted at the four star Hotel Resort Flamingo (website:; e-mail:; Tel: +39 070 9208361-2-3). The Hotel Resort Flamingo is located around 33 km from Cagliari, the main city of Sardinia. Cagliar-Elmas Airport ( is a well-connected and recently
    renewed local hub. From the airport transportation options are: car rental (the best), public transport (which can take quite a bit longer to reach your destination), or our small coach for clusters of arrivals. Please consider that reservations have to be confirmed early. Colleagues interested in prolonged stays, are kindly requested to book in advance, by contacting Mr. Ubaldo Aresu at the numbers indicated or by e-mail.

    The Organizing Committee

    Andrea De Montis, University of Sassari
    Simone Caschili, University of Cagliari
    Chiara Garau, University of Cagliari
    Valentina Pavan, University of Cagliari
    Alessio Quatrini, University of Sassari

    The Scientific Committee

    Aura Reggiani, University of Bologna
    Piet Rietveld, Free University of Amsterdam
    Peter Nijkamp, Free University of Amsterdam
    Ken Button, George Mason University
    Juan Carlos Martín, University of Las Palmas Gran Canaria
    Antonio Paéz, McMaster University
    Andreas Rau, Technische Universität München
    Pierre Zembri, Cergy University
    Andrea De Montis, University of Sassari
    Stefano De Montis, University of Sassari


    The meeting is supported by the University of Sassari, NECTAR, Linkalab and CONFINDUSTRIA.

    University of Sassarinectar logo d69kr5g_6f9pnrdfb_b


    We look forward to seeing you in October!
    Kind regards,
    The Organizing Committee