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UrbanGIS is a research laboratory, founded at the University of Cagliari by Prof. Giancarlo Deplano in the 1990s, and it is coordinated by Prof. Michele Campagna since 2009.

UrbanGIS brings together a number of senior and junior researchers specialized in Geodesign who apply spatial information science methods and tools to spatial planning, environmental impact assessment and territorial governance. Methods and techniques for the representation, analysis, design and evaluation are applied to supporting decision-making processes in territorial government, in urban, regional and landscape planning as well as in other sectors of physical planning according to Geodesign principles. Geographic information systems and Planning Support Systems (PSS) have been developed and applied at various scales, from the urban to the territorial one.  Our most recent research results enabled us to develop innovative tools for the integration and the analysis of authoritative data from Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and Volunteered Geographic  Informations (VGI) in spatial decision support. The skills of the UrbanGIS lab staff find application in all fields in which the spatial dimension of the analysis is crucial for analysis, design and decision-making.

Michele Campagna and the UrbanGIS team since 2014 are active internationally in promoting Geodesign workshops in planning research, teaching, and practice.

The UrbanGIS Lab  is a member of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe since 2001  (AGILE – http://www.agile-online.org/index.php/about-agile).

For any inquiry, please contact campagna@unica.it

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