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4th International Workshop on

Transverse Polarisation Phenomena in Hard Processes

Chia, Cagliari, Italy – June 9-13 2014


 Deadline June 2, 2014



Transversity and transverse-spin effects in high-energy hadronic collisions are of ever-growing theoretical and experimental interest within the particle physics community. Modern developments in hadron physics emphasise the role of parton intrinsic motion and spin, and their correlations, which are crucial to our full understanding of the nucleon structure in terms of the quark and gluon degrees of freedom in QCD, beyond the collinear approximation.
The main aim of the workshop is to provide an environment in which present theoretical and experimental knowledge in the field of transversity, transverse-momentum dependent distribution and fragmentation functions as well as generalised parton distribution functions will be presented and discussed in depth, together with new theoretical ideas and experimental perspectives.
This thus represents a valuable opportunity to gather the spin physics community, with a broad participation of theorists, as well as of experimentalists working in international collaborations at BNL, CERN, DESY and JLab, all deeply involved in this area of research. The workshop will also be a unique occasion for young researchers to form a detailed and up-to-date perspective on this fast-developing research field, and to present and discuss their own work and projects in a highly stimulating and reactive context.

The workshop follows those held in 2005 on Lake Como (Italy), 2008 in Ferrara (Italy) and 2011 in Lošinj (Croatia), organised within the framework of an Italian Ministry-funded inter-university Research Project of National Interest (PRIN).



  • Transversity and transverse momentum dependent (TMD) PDFs and FFs: universality, factorisation, evolution, nonperturbative models, parametrisations, …
  • Partonic intrinsic transverse momentum and orbital angular momentum, parton angular momentum operators in QCD, three-dimensional structure of the nucleon
  • Lattice calculations, phenomenological extractions of TMDs and global analysis
  • Measurements of transverse spin/momentum effects at COMPASS, HERMES, JLab, RHIC, LHC experiments, in hadron-hadron Drell-Yan and exclusive processes, and in e+e- –> hadrons: status and perspectives
  • Deeply virtual Compton scattering, generalised parton distributions and their relation with TMDs
  • Future programmes: plans of Laboratories and experiments


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