Living in Cagliari


The capital city of Sardinia – the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea – Cagliari is an attractive and lively city of medium size (about 150.000 inhabitants, 450.000 considering the metropolitan area). Cagliari is notable for its interesting Roman and medieval sections, its beautiful beach (over 10 km long), Poetto, and its wide marshes populated by numerous species of birds, including large flocks of pink flamingoes

Caglairi_Castello Cagliari_Marina

The city enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with very mild winters and hot and dry summers. Cagliari stages an intense cultural activity and a thriving nightlife, animated by the large student community. Served by an expanding international airport, with daily flights connecting the island to a number of national, European and international destinations, Cagliari is a natural and good basis for exploring the wonderful southern coast of Sardinia


General information for students, including cost of living and tips on accomodation, can be found here. Further information on Cagliari and Sardinia can be obtained by browsing the official municipality website, and the portal of the Regione Autonoma della Sardegna 


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To access more information and to get support while visiting or living in Cagliari, we warmly suggest you to refer to the website of the Euraxess Service Centre
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