Luigi Atzori


Department of Biomedical SciencesDSC_0061

Telephone: +39 0706758390

Mobile: +39 3355481487


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Main areas of expertise: Clinical metabolomics; Pathological chemistry



Advances in Metabolomics

Since 2008, metabolomics one of the youngest “-omics” has been the major interest of Atzori group. By using these tool, and collaborating with different clinicians such as neonatologists, neurologists, cardiologists, oncologists, forensic doctors, we are trying to better understand the metabolic changes in biofluids and tissues for identifying new biomarkers of diseases, predict the prognosis and the response to the therapy. A better understanding of the role of metabolites changes in physiophatological conditions might lead to a new tailored medicine. Main pathological conditions under investigations are: neonatal hypoxia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, heart failure, time from death, cancer, chronic inflammatory bowel disease. To address these, we are developing analytical chemistry techniques, by using  NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, and innovative statistical approaches. The working environment includes medical doctors, biologists, chemists, pharmaceutical chemists and mathematicians. The Atzori group is also involved in the designing of database tools for metabolomics.

Key publications:

Scano P, Locci E, Noto A, Navarra G, Murgia F, Lussu M, Barberini L, Atzori L, DeGiorgio F, Rosa F, D’Aloja E (2013) 1H-NMR Metabolite fingerprinting as a new tool for body fluid identification in forensic science. Magn Reson Chem 51: 454-462

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Atzori L, Antonucci R, Barberini L, Locci E, Cesare Marincola F, Scano P, Cortesi P, Agostiniani R, Weljie A, Lai A, Fanos V (2010) 1H NMR-based metabolic profiling of urine from children with nephrouropathies. Front Biosci (Elite Ed.) 2: 725-732

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From Griffin et al. , Nat Rev Cardiol 8: 630-643, 2011. Modified with permission obtained from Nature Publishing Group ©,  Last RL et al.,  Nat Mol Cell Biol 8: 167-174, 2007

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