Sara De Matteis


Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health

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Main areas of expertise: Occupational Respiratory Diseases; Epidemiology; Occupational Health; Exposure assessment; Air pollution.




I am an Associate Professor in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health of Cagliari University, in Cagliari, Italy, and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the National Heart & Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College London, UK.

As occupational physician and epidemiologist I have more than ten years’ experience in prevention, diagnosis, and management of occupational respiratory diseases. My research activity has focused on studying the complex interplay between individual and occupational and environmental exposure factors in the aetiology of a broad range of respiratory conditions, from mesothelioma to asthma especially in large population-based epidemiological studies. I am also interested in applying new technologies to improve occupational exposure assessment, e.g. I developed OSCAR, a web-based tool to collect and automatically code lifetime occupational histories for large epidemiological studies, such as the UK Biobank cohort.

Key publications:

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