Roberta Loddo


Department of Biomedical SciencesLoddo

Telephone:  +39 0706754202

Fax: +39 0706754210


Personal webpage: here

Main areas of expertise: Virology; Drug discovery



♦ Virology and drug discovery

The research topics are the discovery of antiviral and antiproliferative agents. In particular, the activities mainly focused on design and validation of molecules with antiviral activity, including identification of their molecular targets, study of mechanisms of action and characterization of genotypic and phenotypic drug-resistant mutants.

Key publications:

Spallarossa A, Rotolo C, Sissi C, Marson G, Greco ML, Ranise A, La Colla P, Busonera B, Loddo R (2013) Further SAR studies on bicyclic basic merbarone analogues as potent antiproliferative agents. Bioorg & Med Chem 21: 6328-6336

Caron M, Besson G, Etenna SL, Mintsa-Ndong A, Mourtas S, Radaelli A, Morghen CD, Loddo R, La Colla P, Antimisiaris SG, Kazanji M (2010) Protective properties of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (MC1220) incorporated into liposome against intravaginal challenge of Rhesus Macaques with RT-SHIV. Virology 405: 225-233

Tonelli M, Vazzana I, Tasso B, Boido V, Sparatore F, Fermeglia M, Paneni MS, Posocco P, Pricl S, La Colla P, Ibba C, Secci B, Collu G,  Loddo R (2009) Antiviral and cytotoxic activities of aminoarylazo compounds and aryltriazene derivatives. Bioorg & Med Chem 17: 4425-444

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