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Department of Biomedical SciencesLaconi

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E-mail: elaconi@unica.it

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Principal areas of expertise: Carcinogenesis; Liver regenerative medicine


♦ Main research topics and approaches

(1)  Mechanisms of carcinogenesis, with emphasis on:

  1. the pathogenesis of focal proliferative lesions
  2. the role of the tissue microenvironment
  3. the role of the tumor microenvironment
  4. the role of alterations in growth pattern

 (2)  Liver regenerative medicine:

  1. hepatocyte transplantation
  2. models of liver repopulation
  3. hepatocyte differentiation from stem/progenitor cells


Given that we consider cancer as a disease of tissues, not solely of cells, our approaches to the analysis of carcinogenesis is biological and molecular. An orthotopic transplantation system developed in our laboratory allows us to analyze the biological fate of normal, preneoplastic and neoplastic cell populations, giving a unique opportunity to dissect the molecular bases of their different biological behavior. In this context, the role of the tissue microenvironment can be analyzed with great accuracy. We are currently studying how aging and modulation of caloric intake can affect various stages of carcinogenesis, with specific emphasis on alterations induced in the tissue microenvironment.  

Key publications:

Marongiu F, Doratiotto S, Sini M, Serra MP and Laconi E (2012) Cancer as a disease of tissue pattern formation. Progr Histochem Cytochem 47: 175-207

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From Laconi et al., Sem Cancer Biol 18: 322-329, 2008

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