The main objective of GISESP is to provide educational excellence and innovative approaches to teaching through the exchange of students and faculty between these three well established academic institutions. The Consortium will provide prospective candidates with the opportunity to experience an integrated program of study in the areas of Geographic Information Science (GIS) and environmental planning support science.

GISESP represents an innovation with respect to educational programs, as it will develop both an international and interdisciplinary graduate curriculum. This curriculum will be grounded on a strong institutional collaboration and on the combination of both core and complementary masters level courses offered by each institution in the areas of GIS and environmental planning support science.

A second objective of GISESP is the awarding of dual masters degrees in an accelerated fashion: it will be possible to obtain two recognized masters degrees in the same amount of time that it would normally take to obtain a single degree.

The third main objective is to improve the exchange of educational resources between the US and the EU through the development of innovative curricula and the associated exchange of staff and students that will arise from the implementation of the program.