Mag 242017

Seminario di studi nell’ambito del progetto regionale

“Tutti a Iscol@ – Linea A”

What education for a post-globalized world?

Can social justice, democracy and cooperation once again become the keywords of a new social and educational paradigm?
Cagliari JUNE 1st 2017

  1. 15,30– 19,30

Aula Motzo – Facoltà di studi umanistici

Via Is Mirrionis 1


Marco Pitzalis, CIRD, University of Cagliari.


Diane Reay, Professor of Education. University of Cambridge

Addressing Educational Inequalities : Cautionary Lessons from a Post-Brexit, Austerity in Britain.


Peter Kelly, Director, Centre for Education, Training and Work in the Asian Century

Neo-Liberalism’s ‘war on young people’: What hope for education and social justice?



Giuliana Mandich (Professor of Sociology, University of Cagliari)



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