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Mestrelab is a company operating in the field of spectroscopy software for a long time. They are the authors of Mnova a powerful tool for the NMR and mass spectrometry analysis platform independent and widely diffused. For the users of Mnova (like me) I report about the next course Mnova NMR Boot Camp  in Zurich and Frankfurt, October 2014. Courses are organized as 2-days training (basic and advanced) in the morning and additionally dedicated workshops in the evening. Practical sessions will make use of Mnova software as principal software for spectra analysis.

Another important resource from Mesterlab about Mnova is YOUTUBE!!! Yes, really interesting tutorials about the innovative functionalities are available on the channel web youtube Mnova  authored by  Santi Dominguez, Manuel Perez Pacheco and the other guys in Mestrelab with ideas and comments from the several workshops about Mnova all over the world. Subscribe to the channel and get notified of new videos by Mestrelab.

I have found these webinars very useful…don’t  miss the webinar on global spectral deconvoloution alghoritm and the mass spectrometry plugins in Mnova (Mnova MS: predicting the MS spectrum & comparing)


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