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Please do not send me an email unless it is absolutely necessary


Please note that I have a large number of  emails to which I have to respond. This is due to: a)  the large number of students (fuori corso and non fuori corso) who have been sending me messages, b) the large number of emails I receive from people who are not students , and c) the other responsibilities that I have.

Please do not send me an email unless it is absolutely necessary. ERSAMUS students who are ABROAD can send me a message if it is urgent and/or important.

Any student having a query should first of all check to see whether the answer is on MY HOME PAGE, or on the GENERAL HOME PAGE OF THE FACULTY WEBSITE, or on the LETTORI NOTICEBOARD (on the ground floor of the Faculty ex-Lingue, Campus Aresu, Via San Giorgio, Cagliari), or on the LINGUISTICS NOTICEBOARD (on the first floor of the same building). If the answer isn’t there, you are welcome to attend  a RICEVIMENTO  (details of times on this home page) or to telephone me on 070/6756241 during rivcevimento hours.

G. Gray

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