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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
"She's just this sort of bigoted woman": the mediatisation of a political gaffe in British broadsheet newspapers2018Gray, GEOFFREY MICHAELTEXTUS
EU immigration discourse in The Telegraph and The Guardian: how oppositional meanings trigger conceptual anchorage points2017Gray, GEOFFREY MICHAELLETTERATURE STRANIERE &
Political news in newspapers: oppositional meanings within and between adjacent topics2016Geoffrey, GrayLETTERATURE STRANIERE &
Brown’s “Duffy gaffe”. The use of evidentiality in broadsheet newspaper coverage of a political-electioneering incident2014Gray GMLETTERATURE STRANIERE &
How different types of knowledge facilitate the construal of political-news: a typology of epistemological stances2013Gray, GEOFFREY MICHAELAracne Editrice S.r.l.
Section 6. Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales: Nations within the Nation2012Gray, GEOFFREY MICHAELFrancoAngeli
Section 6. Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales2012GRAY GFranco Angeli Editore
How different types of knowledge facilitate the construal of political news: towards a typology of epistemological stances 2012GRAY GAracne Editrice
Molyneux’s Problem: the Dialogic Structure of a Philosophical-Scientific Controversy2012Gray, GEOFFREY MICHAELFrancoAngeli
Persuasive discourse and language planning in Ireland2011Gray G; Mazzon GLINGUISTICA E FILOLOGIA
Constructing reality in Palestinian discourse: the strategic function of concessives2010GRAY GSofia University "St Kliment Ohridski"
Text-context links in matrimony advertisements and letters in 'The Times' 1785-1800)2010GRAY GRevue de la Société d’Études Anglo-Americaines des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles
Evidentiality and Nominal Phrases in British Tabloid Headlines2009GRAY GTransilvania University Press, Brasov
Political Oratory: The Use of Metaphor, Irony, Schemes and Deixis to Persuade2009GRAY GAracne
Towards a theory of how British newspaper headlines compress evaluation2009GRAY GAracne
Beyond a dichotomy of the global and local: towards a theory of hybridity in just-war rhetoric2008GRAY GCarocci Editore
Subject positioning in age of promotional culture: an analysis of three executive-recruitment advertisements2007GRAY GCarocci Editore
Narratives of self in an age of expert systems2007GRAY GCooperativa Universitaria Editrice Cagliari
Metafora: osservazioni sui meccanismi e le funzioni ideologiche nel linguaggio attuale2006GRAY G
Discovering puns and idioms: verbal humour and language play in English2006GRAY GCooperativa Universitaria Editrice Cagliari
About metaphors for language2005GRAY G
Broaching Metaphor: A Linguistic Journey around Truth Conditions, across Cognitive Domains and through Optimal Relevance2005GRAY GCarocci Editore
Some aspects of lexical change that can obscure earlier forms and meanings of English words: from fossilised allomorphy to buried root analogies2004GRAY GCarocci Editore
Rethinking colonial oppositions between self and other that adhere to English Language2003GRAY GCarocci Editore
Usage and use: When does language in the classroom become genuine communication? 2002GRAY GLEND. LINGUA E NUOVA DIDATTICA
Task-based learning: not only meaning but also form2002GRAY GCarocci Editore
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