Educational Objectives


Educational Objectives
The PhD in Neuroscience aims at training researchers in various fields of neuroscience, by using experimental and clinical multidisciplinary approaches.
To this purpose, this PhD program will focuson the  understanding of the molecular basis and the pathophysiology of some of the most important neuropsychiatric disorders, such as drug addiction, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, dementia and cephalalgia;it will also focus on the understanding of the mechanism of action of drugs currently used for the treatment of these diseases. Specifically, the educational objectives are: to provide a strong cultural background knowledge in the different fields of neuroscience; to provide a strong theoretical and practical training on the latest and most advanced technologies in molecular biology, neurochemistry, electrophysiology, neurogenetics and behavioural neuroscience; to promote independent scientific thinking among PhD students that highlights creativity and originality coupled with methodological rigor; to promote student’s participation in a network of relations and exchanges with national and international research institutions of higher education, as well as public and private organizations.
The Academic Board of the School includes Italian and foreign researchers with different expertise and with several collaborations with a wide network of national and international centres. Moreover, the  of Biomedical Sciences and of Public Health, Clinical and Molecular Medicine, which house this doctorate program, also actively collaborate with private companies at the Sardinian Scientific and Technological Park.
The PhD candidates will be able to apply the acquired skills in the University, as well as in public and private research institutions or pharmaceutical companies.


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