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December 6, 2019, h. 10:45 Studio Paoli-Giunti (webinar)

Many-valued logic and sequence arguments in value theory (S. Knutsson)




Alophis archive 2017


Alophis archive 2018


January 14 – 1st World Logic Day. New frontiers of Logic: Algebraic and Physical perspectives [Workshop]

January 28 -February 4 – Quantum Information Theory and Geometry of Quantum Information (P. Verrucchi)

February 22 – Analytical Philosophy in Mexico [Roundtable]

February 25 -First Bilateral Workshop UNAM-UNICA on Philosophical Logic [Workshop]

March 7 – Algebraic Logic [Reading Group]

March 13 – Using phidelta diagrams to discover relevant patterns in multilayer perceptrons (G. Armano); A new quantum approach to binary classification problems (G. Sergioli)

March 21 – Everything and nothing (G. Priest)

March 29 – Epistemologia, ontologia e dintorni: il caso di N. Hartmann (P. Parrini, R. Lanfredini, S.L. Pinna)

April 1 – Il problema dei problemi (P. Di Martino)

April 9 – Algebraic Logic [Reading Group]

April 17 – Algebraic Logic [Reading Group]

May 2 – Combining metaphor theory and argumentation theory (J. Wagemans)

May 7 – Analyzing metaphor in argumentative discourse (J. Wagemans)

May 15 – Algebraic Logic [Reading Group]

May 17 – Algebraic Logic [Reading Group]

June 12 – An introduction to relating semantics (T. Jarmuzek)

June 13 – Application of relating semantics to connexive, deontic, and epistemic logics (T. Jarmuzek)

June 25 – Sure-wins under coherence (S. Bonzio)

June 27 – Assertion, consequence, and connexive logic (R. Ciuni)

September 9 – Residuated structures and quantum structures: Logic, algebra and applications [Workshop]

September 20 – Relatively residuated lattices (I. Chajda)

September25 – Exercise Oncology in Practice – From philosophy of physics to biomedicine in 5 years  (A. Hagar)

October 11 – Discussione sulle relazioni tra logica formale e pensiero reale (E. Gattico, M. Santambrogio)

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