Weekly Seminars



November 24, h: 15.00 (email paoli@unica.it for the Zoom link)

An algebraic theory of clones with an application to a question of Birkhoff and Maltsev (A. Salibra)

December 7, h: 15.00 (email paoli@unica.it for the Zoom link)

On a logico-algebraic approach to AGM belief revision (D. Fazio – M. Pra Baldi)

December 11, h: TBA (email paoli@unica.it for the Zoom link)

An application of Helstrom quantum classifier to biomedical imaging (G. Sergioli)

December 15, h: 15:00 (email paoli@unica.it for the Zoom link)

Generalized coherence vector: definition and properties (M. Bosyk)

January 12, h: 15:00 (email paoli@unica.it for the Zoom link)

On modal translations of many-valued logics (E. Koubychkina)




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January 14 – When Logic meets Quantum: Structures and Foundations (2nd World Logic Day) [Workshop]

February 13 – Approccio quantistico al machine learning (R. Giuntini)

February 20 – Orthomodular lattices: proof theory and completions (D. Fazio, A. Ledda, F. Paoli)

March 27th – Reading seminar, C. van Alten “Congruence properties in congruence permutable and ideal determined varieties” (F. Paoli)

April 3rd – Reading seminar, J. Gil Férez et al. “Self-cancellative residuated lattices” (D. Fazio)

April 10th – Logical happening: ideas and suggestions for future research

April 17th – Left residuated unital l-groupoids (D. Fazio, A. Ledda, F. Paoli)

April 23rd, h. 11 – Reading seminar, B. Jonsson “Amalgamation in small varieties of lattices” (M. Pra Baldi)

April 24th – Abstract algebraic belief revision (D. Fazio, M. Pra Baldi)

April 28th – Quantum and Beyond [Workshop]

June 11th – Modal logic for induction (G. Fellin)

June 18th – Extensions of PWK (M. Pra Baldi)

July 14th – On a problem by Birkhoff and Maltsev (A. Salibra)

September 18 – Paraorthomodular posets (I. Chajda)

November 10 – Decidability for fragments of residuated lattices axiomatized by simple equations (G. St John)

November 17 – Misure quantistiche e Machine Learning (R. Giuntini)

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