Things to do before leaving


When you finish your study or research at the University of Cagliari, there are important things that you have to do depending on your decision to leave or stay in Italy.



Bank account

If you opened a bank account here in Cagliari, you should close it before leaving. This is to avoid extra fee in case national rules and laws change. In the future they might charge fees on your account, even if you opened a free of charge account.

Health coverage

If you registered with the National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale – SSN), and chose a General Practitioner and Pediatrician, you will lose your health coverage as your permit of stay expiries.


If you registered with the ERSU for meal tickets, you should use all the tickets before leaving. Those left will not be refunded in any case. So we recommend not to charge many meals in your card if your leaving time is close.

INPS – Gestione Separata

If you registered with INPS – Gestione Separata (National Social Security Institute) for payment of contributions on your Italian income, you do not need to close it. Unlike SSN and ERSU this registration does not expire.

Moreover remember to keep safely your receipt of registration with INPS and PIN code      because the contributions you paid in Italy will count towards your pension.



If you decide to pursue your academic career in Italy, you should contact our office in order to accomplish all the administrative duties required to extend your staying.

You should check the expiry dates of your documents: permit of stay, health coverage,        passport.

Remember that whatever is your decision, you must inform our office as soon as possible.

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