Integration Agreement


When you apply for your permit of stay, remember to request your Integration Agreement if you come to Italy for the first time and you are going to spend here at least one year.

The Integration Agreement is a mutual commitment to integration between Italy and foreigners. Italian government assures all citizens the exercise of fundamental rights, organises training sessions about Italian language, civic education and fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic. Foreigners must observe national laws and rules, attend training sessions, pay taxes and contributions according to Italian laws.

The process of integration in Italy is assessed on a credit-based system. 16 credits are awarded for the Integration Agreement and the training session.

The Agreement lasts two years with the possibility of renewal for one year. Before the expiry date Prefettura checks how many credits you have received. If you miss the training sessions, you loose 15 credits and you run the risk of being repatriated.

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