Salahuddin Sayedshabbir Attar – PhD Student




PhD School in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies

Curriculum vitae



My Self: I was born in a small area called Hadapsar, a then remote area of the city of Pune. I studied at the Ornellas High school located in the heart of Pune city. I have completed Bachelor degree in Chemistry and Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry from Poona College of arts Science and Commerce, University of Pune, India. Thereafter, I have been a part of TCG Lifesciences Company as a research chemist for 2 years. My research Interests are dedicated to organic synthesis and their applications. I have a sound experience in the field of custom organic synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

My Research at UNICA: Currently I am working on design and synthesis of Organometallic compounds having applications in photo catalytic water splitting, Non-linear optical (NLO) materials and dye sensitized solar cells. These applications have common molecular and structural requirements; they should be photoactive, possess a strongly dipole moment and charge transition. This research is important in future quest for energy.

Reasons for Unica: The quality research carried out at the department of chemistry and geology published in various high impact journals has been the main reason behind opting for University of Cagliari. In a hope to acquire modern research skills and to grow with the technological advancements I decided to continue my research in Europe. Studying in a peaceful place with a variety of extracurricular activities always gives a psychological support to the students. The city of Cagliari is having both of these qualities. The potential tourist attractions in Sardinia especially the crystal clean beaches are well known, so study with fun is always preferred.

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