Neuron regeneration and functional recovery in chronic neurodegeneration: opportunità per ricercatori e start up

Inospin, an Academia-Industry Partnering Network for Scientific Innovations, is currently working with a leading specialty pharmaceutical company, actively looking for innovative projects, solutions and technologies from academics and start-ups on neuron regeneration and functional recovery in chronic neurodegeneration.
Based on the level of interest within their research portfolio and strategic fit, the pharmacueutic company will enter into discussion with selected candidate(s), potentially leading to partnership agreements or important funding. In average, Inospin industrial partners spend between 100k and 200k USD on external collaboration.

The pharmaceutic company is specifically interested in:
– identifying a target that achieves neuron regeneration or axon regeneration over glia scar in animal models with chronic stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, temporal lobe epilepsy, glaucoma, hearing loss, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
– the functional recovery of animal model, such as motor function or seizure frequency.

The Pharmaceutic Company is NOT interested in cell transplantation therapy such as neuronal stem cells or iPS.

Submit your proposal by filling the word format document (it takes about 15 minutes) in a form and length that is sufficient to provide the substance of the proposal and its innovativeness. The applicant should also provide information about his or her critical knowledge that is applicable for the project and how that knowledge could be supplemented (i.e., what is additionally required to complete the project).
All proposals will be submitted to The Pharmaceutical Company Proponents that submit proposals of interest for The Pharmaceutical Company will be contacted within 8 weeks of submission to clarify additional details concerning the underlying science as well as intellectual property rights, timelines, etc.

The proposal must contain only non-confidential information. If your proposal is selected, the companies are open to complete a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA).

Download the Submission Form – Pharma 2019

For more information about this program contact Claire Rochat | | +41(0)225.483.553