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Below you can see the books I edited and wrote


and a new book on the effects of Cannabis on the developing brain edited by Elsevier is coming soon- stay tuned!





  1. Melis M, and Georges F (2015) Chapter 17: Cannabinoid-Dopamine Interactions: Modulation of Midbrain Dopamine Neurons by Endocannabinoids in Cannabinoids and Modulation of Emotion, Memory, and Motivation. Springer Science New York; Editors: Patrizia Campolongo and Liana Fattore. Pages: 443-470 ISBN 978-1-4939-2293-2
  2. Melis M, Muntoni AL, Pistis M (2013) Chapter 5: Dynamic Interactions Between Drugs of Abuse and the Endocannabinoid System: Molecular Mechanisms and Functional Outcome (pages 132-163) in Endocannabinoids: Molecular, Pharmacological, Behavioral and Clinical Features. Bentham Science Publishers (eBook); Editors: Eric Murillo-Rodríguez, Emmanuel S. Onaivi, Nissar A. Darmani and Edward Wagner; DOI: 2174/9781608050284113010010.
  3. Muntoni AL, Melis M, Diana M (2002) Electrophysiological effects of cannabinoids in the basal ganglia. The Basal Ganglia, VII edition. Pages: 275-298
  4. Melis M, Diana M, Gessa G (1998) I cannabinoidi attivano i neuroni dopaminergici del sistema mesocorticale. Cannabinoidi: biologia e clinica.


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