This is the Weblog of the international meeting Halchem V.

All news available time to time will reported in this blog.

The acronym “HALCHEM” comes from the words “HALogen and CHEMistry”. The first four editions of the meetings have been organized in Sardinia – Italy (2002 and 2004), in Ioannina – Greece (2006) and in Platja d’Aro (Girona)–Spain (2008). All the previous editions have had an unhoped-for success for some concurrent factors: the focalized area of the contributions and the restricted number of participants (about 40 researchers coming from several countries) has allowed to create homely atmospheres, favouring a general scientific discussion involving the most of the participants. In addition, the policy to give to each research group, without any exception, an adequate space for the oral presentation of their own results has been the key to render all the participants protagonists of the success of the meetings. As a consequence of these biennial meetings, numerous scientific collaborations have been activated among the various groups, and several actions mainly within the European Community (as Erasmus projects, exchange of visits, and so on) have been accomplished. The number of contributions permitting, this winning policy will be followed also for Halchem V, and presumably each group should have an adequate space. As in the previous meetings, all the contributions concerning the chemistry of the halogens (such as synthetic and theoretical aspects, spectroscopy, metal powder activation by CT adducts, supramolecular chemistry, halogen bonding, hypervalent halogen compounds, …) will be welcome.

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