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Latest Working papers

Becchetti, L., Corazzini, L., Pelligra, V., (2017). “We Can Be Heroes: Trust and Resilience in Corrupted Economic Environments“, Centre for Financial and Management Studies Discussion Paper n. 140, SOAS, University of London (Submitted).

Pelligra, V., Reggiani, T., Zizzo, D. J., (2016), “Responding to (Un)Reasonable Requests“. CRENoS Working Paper n. 2016_14. (IZA Discussion Paper No. 10189) (SSRN Discussion Paper). (Submitted)

Becchetti, L., Pelligra, V., Rossetti F., (2016), “The Corporate Legality Game A Lab Experiment on The Impact of Policies, Frames and Information“, CRENoS Working Paper n. 2016_01. (Submitted)

Medda, T., Pelligra, V., Reggiani, (2016), “Does Experience Affect Fairness, Reciprocity and Cooperation in Lab Experiments?“, CRENoS Working Paper n. 2016_10. (Submitted)

Becchetti, L., Pelligra, V., Vásquez A., (2016), “Are Women Naturaliter More Cooperative? An Experimental Investigation of the Vote-with-the-Wallet Game“, CRENoS Working Paper n. 2016_02.

Becchetti, L., Corrado, G., Pelligra, V., Rossetti, F., (2016), “Happiness and Preferences in a Legality Social Dilemma Comparing the Direct and Indirect Approach“, CRENoS Working Paper n. 2016_04.

Becchetti, L., Pelligra, V., Salustri, F., (2015), “Other-Regarding Preferences and Reciprocity: Insights from Experimental Findings and Satisfaction Data“, CRENoS Working Paper n. 2015_14


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