Maria de Guadalupe Jaraquemada


From April 2013IMG_9507

PhD student of Chemical Sciences and Tecnologies at the University of Cagliari.

Supervisor: Prof. Valeria Marina Nurchi.

From February 2008 to May 2008

Superior Technician in the “Onubense’s Chemical Lab” (Huelva – Spain). Certified lab for the ENAC (National Organization for the Certifications) with the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. Waters analysis: wastewaters, drinking and irrigation waters; agriculture and food analysis. High experience in the Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Technique and Gas Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).

From March 2007  to December 2007

Superior Technician at the REQUIMTE’S (Technology and Chemistry Net) Analysis Lab on CQFB (Biotechnology and Thin Chemistry Centre) of the Chemistry’s Department of the Science and Technology Faculty of the University of Lisbon, in the Atomic Emission Spectrometry for ICP Area, and in the Mass Spectrometry area, working with a GC-MS-TOF (Mass Spectrometer with flying time analyzer coupled with a Gas Chromatographer), in the Electronic Impact ionization way.

 From November 2006 to May 2007

Scientific Scholarship for the research at the University of Lisbon with the Chemical Engineering Group “Polymer synthesis and processing in Supercritical CO2” in the ambit of the European Project with Ref.ª POCTI/ CTM/ 47363/ 2002 “Production and characterization of liquid crystal dispersed in a polymeric matrix. New strategy for the polymerization and impregnation in supercritical carbon dioxide”.


Education and Degrees

2000-2006 Chemistry Degree obtained at the University of Extremadura (Spain) with the final score of 7/10.

International Experience:

From September 2005 to July 2006

Erasmus Program: Practice for the phytochemical study of a Pedilanthus tithymaloides extract at the Organic Chemistry Department, FCT-UNL of the University of Lisbon.

Diplomas and Certifications

  • Diploma of the course “ IIIrd Chemistry and Natural and Drinkable Water Analysis Course” at the University of Extremadura (Spain), 2005 (120 hours).
  • Diploma for the attendance of the IIIrd Chemistry Forum, Science and Technology, 2005, Campus Caparica, Science and Technology Faculty of the University of Lisbon.
  • Diploma for the attendance of the 9th edition “Chemical Engineering technology days”. JORTEC 2006. Chemical Department, Science and Technology Faculty of the University of Lisbon.
  • Diploma for the course “Portuguese Language and Culture” Level B2 – Vantage with final score 16/20.
  • Diploma for the course “English Language” (Intermediate), Cenform, University of Lisbon with final score 4/5.


Known Languages

Spanish: (Mother tongue)

English : written and spoken good

Italian: written and spoken excellent

Portuguese: written and spoken very good


Informatics’ knowledge

Excellent knowledge of the Windows Operative Systems

Excellent management for the Office’ documents: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.


Analytical techniques and specialization

Autonomy in the laboratorial routine work

Knowledge of the different advanced analytical techniques:

  • Mass Spectrometry with time of  flight (TOF) analyzer in the electronic impact ionization’s way (EI), with the direct sample introduction with probe’s via or GC’s via.
  • Gas Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), with quadripolar analyzer and time of flight.
  • Gas-Chromatography (GC) with detector FID
  • Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (Flame and graphite’s camera).



  • Temtem, D. Pompeu, G. Jaraquemada, E. J. Cabrita, T. Casimiro, A. Aguiar-Ricardo, Development of PMMA membranes functionalized with hydroxypropyl-<beta>-cyclodextrins for controlled drug delivery using a supercritical CO2-assisted technology, Int. J. Pharmaceut. 376 (2009) 110-115



  • V.M. Nurchi, G. Crisponi, M.G. Jaraquemada-Peláez, J.I. Lachowicz, M. Crespo-Alonso, A. Dominguez-Martín, J. María González-Pérez, J.Niclós-Gutiérrez, G.J.S. Cooper, Do antidiabetic drugs act as copper ligands? Acta of the International Symposia
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