I am Senior Assistant Professor (Ricercatore TD-B, tenure track) in ‘General Sociology’ (SSD/C1). In 2018, I obtained the Italian ‘Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale’ to work as Associate Professor in the fields of ‘Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes’ (SSD 14/C2) and ‘General Sociology’ (SSD 14/C1). I hold an MA (2004) and a PhD (2008) in Sociology from the University of Essex (UK), and a Laurea (four-year degree, 2002) in Political Science cum laude. I teach ‘Theory and Methods of Social Research’ in the postgraduate programme ‘Politics, Society and Territory’. I am also a member of the Joint Committe (Commissione Paritetica) of this programme.

I mainly work in the area of youth research and qualitative methods. Additionally, I am interested in issues related to the domestication of public space, time, (geographical) mobility, corporate social responsibility, youth policy.

I am in the advisory board of the European Sociological Association Research Network Youth & Generation (2017-), following the role of coordinator (2015-2017), vice coordinator (2013-2015) and board member (2011-2013). I am in the editorial board of Brill book series ‘Youth in a Globalizing World’, and the Book Review Editor of the journal ‘Youth and Globalization’ (Brill), and a columnist for the magazine ‘DODO- Rivista di politiche per la gioventù’ for policy makers in the field of youth policies in Italy. I served as appointed member of the PEYR (Pool of European Youth Researchers) to support the CoE-EC Youth Partnership in the field of youth on matters of youth policy (oct 2014-dec 2016).

I have held visiting positions at the University of Vienna (where I was Senior Research Fellow at the Dept of Sociology, sept-dec 2018) and at the Deutsches Jugendinstitute (where I was Gastwissenschaftlerin, February- March 2017). Prior to my current positions I have worked at the Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien, Universitaet Erfurt, Germany, under the programme Marie Curie COFUND H2020 for experienced researchers. I have also been Assistant Professor (untenured, RTD-A, 3+1) at the University of Cagliari, Research Associate at the University of Kent (UK); Research Fellow funded by the Region of Sardinia at the University of Cagliari (‘Giovani Ricercatori’; ‘MA & Back’).

I am a team member of the Region of Sardinia project ‘L’esperienza dell’Alternanza Scuola Lavoro in Sardegna’ (2019-). I have in the past worked at the following projects:
‘Youth in Context’ (PI, with Y. Kazepov at University of Vienna), funded by Programma ‘MGR’, University of Cagliari.
‘Time and Space in the transition to adulthood’ (PI, Max-Weber Kolleg, Erfurt, Marie Curie COFUND);
H2020 ‘MOVE’ (as scientific advisor of the project and associated guest researcher in Germany);
‘Youth, Citizenship and the Capacity to Aspire’ (ifuture), funded by Region of Sardinia;
7FP ‘ALICE RAP’ (as WP co-coordinator, University of Kent)
‘Tranzit’, ‘Edgeryders’ and ‘European Platform for Learning Mobility’ (Council of Europe/PEYR)
‘Yes4Europe: I miei diritti per la cittadinanza’ (Agenzia Nazionale Giovani/Eurodesk Italy)
‘The construction and re-construction of space-time in daily practices’ and ‘An analysis of everyday life: the interconnections between social, individual and inter-subjective time’ (PRIN, Italian Government Funds)

I am affiliated to ESA (RN30 Youth & Generation), ISA (RC34 Sociology of Youth), AIS (Vita Quotidiana), AIRIcerca. I am a member of CIRD (Centro Interdipartimentale per la Ricerca Didattica).

I have published widely in my field and I have given over 80 talks to international and national conferences. Please see document below for details on published/forthcoming work, keynote speeches and events organization.

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