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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Yuddhakanda (Ramayana)In stampaPONTILLO TUTET
In favour of a linear reading of the Astadhyayi: materials from the discussion on substitutionIn stampaPontillo, Tiziana; Candotti, Maria PieraD.K. Printworld
A Controversial Provision for the Nominative Ending: Nominal Sentences and Aṣṭādhyāyī 2.3.462020Mocci, Davide; Pontillo, TizianaJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ORIENTAL SOCIETY
Marko Geslani (2018): Rites of the God-King: Śānti and Ritual Change in Early Hinduism(Oxford Ritual Studies). New York: Oxford University Press, XXII + 314 pp. ISBN 978-0-19-086288-62020Pontillo, TizianaASIATISCHE STUDIEN
Reconsideration of a plausible relationship between gift and merit in the earliest Vedic and Pāli sources. 1: A comparison between the usages of Pā. dakkhiṇeyya and Ved. dakṣiṇīya2020Candotti, Maria Piera; Neri, Chiara; Pontillo, TizianaRIVISTA DEGLI STUDI ORIENTALI
On the Boundary between Yogakkhema in the Suttapiṭaka and Yogakṣema in the Upaniṣads and Bhagavadgītā2019Neri, Chiara; Pontillo, TizianaCRACOW INDOLOGICAL STUDIES
Devayāna and Dyutāna in some supposed fragments of the so-called Proto-Indo-Aryan I culture2019PONTILLO, TIZIANANew Bharatiya Book Corporation
Predication in Aṣṭādhyāyī 2.1.56. Syntactic analysis of a karmadhāraya compound2019Mocci, Davide; Pontillo, TizianaAEVUM
Lexical subordination and compounding: Pāṇini’s focusing on the non-head2019PONTILLO, TIZIANA; Candotti, Maria PieraSTUDI E SAGGI LINGUISTICI
The lexicon of the "Act of accepting (pratigraha)": an approach to the multilayered vedic culture2019Pontillo, Tiziana; Candotti Maria, PieraLINGUA POSNANIENSIS
Introduction2019Candotti Maria, Piera; Pontillo, Tiziana; Sadovski, VelizarLINGUA POSNANIENSIS
When a tatpuruṣa turns into a dvandva in order to meet the “Brāhmaṇical Reform”. The case-study of iṣṭāpūrtám2019PONTILLO, TIZIANARIVISTA DEGLI STUDI ORIENTALI
The Case of yogakṣema/yogakkhema in Vedic and Suttapiṭaka Sources. In Response to Norman2019Neri, Chiara; Pontillo, TizianaJOURNAL OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHY
Diversity in the Vedic Lexicon and its role in reconstructing the most ancient Indo-Aryan language layers2019Candotti Maria, Piera; Pontillo, Tiziana; Sadovski, VelizarLINGUA POSNANIENSISde Gruyter
How to find generous patrons even when there are none2018Pontillo, TizianaRussian Academy of Sciences. Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) RAS
Setu, ‘bridge’, a Connection between Places and States in Brahmanical and Early Buddhist Sources: An Attempt at a Semantic Reconstruction2018Neri, Chiara; Pontillo, TizianaElipsa
Ramayana. Il grande poema epico della mitologia Indiana. Volume 2: Aranyakanda, Kiskindhyakanda, Sundarakanda2018Pontillo, TizianaMimesis
Ramayana. Il grande poema epico della mitologia indiana. Volume 3: Yuddhakanda, Uttarakanda (e Glossario)2018Pontillo, TizianaMimesis
Ramayana. Il grande poema epico della mitologia Indiana.Volume 1: Adikanda, Ayodhyakanda2018Pontillo, TizianaMimesis
Ramayana. Il grande poema epico della mitologia indiana. Volume 3: Yuddhakanda, Uttarakanda (e Glossario)2018Pontillo, TizianaMimesis
From commentary to paribhāṣās: Kātyāyana and Patañjali vis-à-vis Vyāḍi2018CANDOTTI M., P; Pontillo, TizianaASIATISCHE STUDIEN
From the more iconic to the less iconic linguistic form: morphological syntagms in Pāṇini2018Pontillo, TizianaATTI DEL SODALIZIO GLOTTOLOGICO MILANESE
A selection of the papers presented at the Meeting of the Associazione Italiana di Studi Sanscriti, Rome, Sapienza, 26th-28th October 20172018Torella, Raffaele; Franceschini, M.; Pontillo, T.; Pieruccini, C.; Rigopoulos, A.; Sferra, F.INDOLOGICA TAURINENSIAEdizioni AIT
Late sanskrit literary theorists and the role of grammar in focusing the separateness of metaphor and simile2017Candotti, M. P; Pontillo, TizianaJOURNAL OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHY
Ipotesi di applicazione al lessico indoario della versione ‘Pisani’ della linguistica areale2017Pontillo, TizianaALESSANDRIA
Does Asymmetric Signification Rely on Conventional Rules? Two Answers from Ancient Indian and Greek Sources2017PONTILLO, TIZIANA; Melis, V.CONFLUENCE
Cobra e pavoni. Il ruolo linguistico e retorico di A 2.1.722017Candotti, MARIA PIERA; Pontillo, T.Ledizioni
La matrice più antica dell'istituzione vedica del dono. Testi e stratificazioni2016Maria Piera, Candotti; Pontillo, TizianaEdizioni AV
Cross-Cutting South Asian Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach2016Bindi, S; Mucciarelli, E; Pontillo, TizianaD.K. Printworld
Prominent chieftains depicted as ferocious wild beasts2016Pontillo, Tiziana; Sudyka, L.D.K. Printworld
Proceedings of the Meeting of the Italian Association of Sanskrit Studies (Bologna 27-28 March 2015)2016Torella, Raffaele; Franceschini, Marco; Pontillo, Tiziana; Pieruccini, Cinzia; Rigopoulos, Antoni...o; Sferra, FrancescoRIVISTA DEGLI STUDI ORIENTALIFabrizio Serra
The meaning of the phrase 'to become brahman-' in Vedic and Sutta Piṭaka sources2016Neri, Chiara; Pontillo, TizianaDK Publishers
Vrātya culture in Vedic sources. Select Papers from the Panel on “Vrātya culture in Vedic sources” at the 16th World Sanskrit Conference (28 June - 2 July 2015) Bangkok, Thailand2016Pontillo T; Dore M; Hock HHSanskrit Studies Centre, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand // DK Publishers
Inquiries into Vrātya-phenomenon: an introduction2016Pontillo, Tiziana; Dore, MorenoD.K. Publishers
Drona and Bhisma as borderline cases in brahmanical systematization: a Vratya pattern in the Mahabharata2016Pontillo, TizianaCroatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; Ibis Grafika
A dense definition of Rūpaka. What does Rūpyate mean in Bhāmaha's Kāvyālaṃkāra 2.21?2015Pontillo TSpecial Centre for Sanskrit Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; D.K. Printworld
Aims and functions of Vrātyastoma performances: a historical appraisal2015CANDOTTI M., P; Pontillo, TizianaD.K.Printworld
Svabhava in grammar: notes on the early history of a philosophical term2015CANDOTTI M., P; Pontillo, TizianaRIVISTA DEGLI STUDI ORIENTALI
The Volatile World of Sovereignty. The Vrātya Problem and Kingship in South Asia2015PONTILLO T; BIGNAMI C; DORE M; MUCCIARELLI ED.K.Printworld
Words involving the Stem Brahman- Denoting the achievement of Super-Human status in Vedic and Suttapiṭaka sources2015Neri, C; Pontillo, TizianaINDOLOGICA TAURINENSIA
Silvia Schwarz Linder, 2014, The Philosophical and Theological Teachings of the Pādmasaṃhitā. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse Sitzungsberichte, 853 / Beiträge zur Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens, 82. Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien, 358 pp.; ISBN 978-3-7001-7552-0 – Reviewed by Tiziana Pontillo, University of Cagliari2015Pontillo, TizianaPANDANUS
Rosa Ronzitti, 2014, Due metafore del caso grammaticale: aind. víbhakti e gr. ptw`si~. Preistoria e storia comparata (Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Sprachwisssenschaft, 148). Institut für Sprachen und Literaturen der Universität Innsbruck, Bereich Sprachwissenschaft, Innsbruck, 267 pp.; ISBN 978-3-85124-734-3 – Reviewed by Stefano Novelli (§§ c, d, e) and Tiziana Pontillo (§§ a, b, f), University of Cagliari2015Novelli, Stefano; Pontillo, TizianaPANDANUS
Pāṇini's zero morphs as allomorphs in the complexity of linguistic context2014CANDOTTI M., P; Pontillo, TizianaBULLETIN D'ÉTUDES INDIENNES
Proceedings of the conference "Patterns of Bravery". The figure of the hero in Indian literature, art and thought2014Pontillo TINDOLOGICA TAURINENSIAEDIZIONI A.I.T
When one thing applies more than once: Tantra and prasanga in Srautasutra, Mimamsa and Grammar2013Freschi, E; Pontillo, TizianaAnthem press
The samastavastuviṣayarūpaka between śāstric and literary tradition. The questioned separateness between metaphor and simile2013Pontillo, TizianaIstituto Editoriale Cisalpino
Rule-extension strategies in Ancient India: Ritual, exegetical and linguistic considerations on the tantra- and prasanga-principles2013Freschi, E; Pontillo, TizianaPeter Lang
The Debate on Asceticism as a permanent Choice of Life: some late clues from Mahakavyas 2013PONTILLO TCRACOW INDOLOGICAL STUDIES
The earlier Paninian tradition on the imperceptible sign2013Candotti, Mp; Pontillo, TizianaAnthem press
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