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Tiziana Pivetta was born in Carbonia (CA) on March 16, 1971. She graduated in Chemistry, 6 March 1998, with a thesis entitled “Synthesis and characterization of thionic and selonic compounds of Cu (II) stabilized by chelating nitrogen.” PhD in Chemistry, December 2001, with a dissertation entitled “Chelation therapy of metals, solution equilibria between mercaptocarboxylic acids and metal ions”. Research grant, December 2001 – December 2002, for the study of solution equilibria between metal ions and organic molecules (Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Cagliari). Since 2002 it is in service as a confirmed researcher in the Department of Chemistry and Geology of the University of Cagliari. Teaching activities: 2015 Analytical Chemistry 2 and Laboratory for Bachelor Degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Science, 2014 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopic Methods for the Degree in Food Science and Nutrition at the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy, 2010 – 2013 Analytical Chemistry 1 + laboratory for Material Science – Faculty of Sciences 2006-2014 Chemometry for C.d.S. in Chemistry (undergraduate) and Chemical Sciences (degree) of the Faculty of Sciences, 2008-2010 Environmental Analytical Chemistry 2 + laboratory for Techniques of Accident Prevention of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, 2008-2012 Environmental Chemistry and Cultural Heritage 1 and 2 in Techniques of Accident Prevention in the workplace of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, 2007-2008 Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry I for the Chemistry degree of the Faculty of Sciences, 2006-2007 Methods for Chemical Analysis of Soil for Chemistry degree of the Faculty of Sciences.

She presented or participated in the following research projects selected for funding:

FIRB 2010 New complexes of copper (II): a multidisciplinary approach for the evaluation of the antiproliferative activity and affinity with prion (code RBFR10FPDY_001), Project Manager

Fund for the support of basic research for the start-up of the young researchers (5%) – 2006 – Synthesis of Aspergillic acid and derivatives, spectrophotometric, potentiometric and NMR studies, Project Manager

L.R. 7/2007 Annuity 2009: Dairy products such as functional foods: selection, characterization and use of indigenous microorganisms in probiotic activity for the enhancement of Sardinian sheep cheese, Project Participant

PRIN 2002 Study of equilibria in solution of Fe (II) and polydentate ligands by potentiometric and spectrophotometric. Study of reactions between complex of iron (II) and oxygen and balances Iron (II) -Iron (III), Project Participant

She had the following research assignments abroad:

1.Masaryk University, Faculty of Science, Brno, Czech Republic 09 / 2012-10 / 2012

2.Universidad de Burgos, Spain, Departamento de Quimica 05/2001 06/2001

3.Facultad de Farmacia, Granada, Departamento de Quimica Inorganic 09/2003 10/2003

She is author of 29 papers and more than 40 congress presentations.

He presented the following invited lectures: “Potentiometry: Fundamentals And Applications”, 2001 Burgos (Spain); “Copper and Platinum Complexes In Cancer Therapy”, Innolec (Innovative Lecture), Masaryk University in 2014 (CZ).

Organizing committe of the 7th International Theoretical Bhiophysics Symposium THEOBIO2015

National Scientific Qualification (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale) to function of Associated Professor in Analytical Chemistry. SSD 03/A1 (28/03/2018 – 28/03/2024)

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