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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
"Collect a thousand loyalty points and you get a free coffin". Creative impoliteness in the TV comedy drama Doc Martin2020Buckledee, Stephen JohnJohn Benjamins Publishing Company
Tabloiding the truth: it's the pun wot won it2020Buckledee, Stephen JohnPalgrave Macmillan
The creative use of linguistic deviation in Alan Bissett's novel The Incredible Adam Spark2019Buckledee, Stephen JohnPisa University Press
The Language of Brexit2018Buckledee, STEPHEN JOHNBloomsbury Academic
Hinglish, Blinglish: How London's ethnic minorities are influencing the English of the capital city2017Buckledee, STEPHEN JOHNLiguori
From Inarticulacy to Art: Normal Non-Fluencies in Verbatim Theatre2016Buckledee, S.J; Virdis, D.FANALELE UNIVERSITATII DIN ORADEA. SERIA FILOLOGIE, FASCICULA LIMBA SI LITERATURA ROMANA
ENL or ELF? Do learners know what they want or what is best for them?2015Buckledee, S.JSCUOLA E LINGUE MODERNE
L2 Motivation of Italian Undergraduates: Ideal Selves and Visualization2014Buckledee SPhotocityEdizioni
Looking Beyond Interlanguage: Realizable Targets for L2 Learners2012Steve BuckledeeCRITICA E LETTERATURALiguori Editore
Are Cambridge ESOL Examinations Appropriate for Users of English as a Lingua Franca?2012Buckledee, SPeter Lang
Opportunities to Teach French, German or Spanish in State Schools in England and Wales2012Steve BuckledeeAracne editrice
Prying, Prurience and Profit: Celebrities and the Tabloid Press2011Steve BuckledeeEdizioni Q
Attribution Theory and Language Learners' Maintenance or Loss of Motivation: phase 3 of a longitudinal study of undergraduate students at an Italian university2011Steve BuckledeeAracne
Foreword2011Steve BuckledeeCambridge Scholars Publishing
The Emergence of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) and the Implications for the Teaching and Testing of English2011STEVE BUCKLEDEECambridge Scholars Publishing
British Tabloid Newspapers: Reporting Reality or Fabricating a Myth?2011Steve BuckledeeCambridge Scholars Publishing
The Role of Motivation in Second Language Acquisition2011STEVE BUCKLEDEEArima publishing
Motivation and Second Language Acquisition: Phase 2 of a Longitudinal Study of Undergraduates at an Italian University2010Steve BuckledeeAracne
Global English and ELT Coursebooks2010STEVE BUCKLEDEEPeter Lang
Migration of Forms: Language Transfer and Second Language Acquisition2009STEVE BUCKLEDEEProgedit
Attitudes and Motivation in Second Language Acquisition2009Steve BuckledeeAracne
Cognitive and Learning Styles and Second Language Aquisition2009Steve BuckledeeAracne
The Female in the Femail of the Daily Mail2009STEVE BUCKLEDEEEastern Mediterranean University Press
Charles Reade: un Femminista dell'Ottocento2009STEVE BUCKLEDEECUEC Editrice
Universal Grammar and Second Language Acquisition2008Steve BuckledeeCarocci Editore
La parola della signora di ferro: analisi linguistica di un discorso politico di Margaret Thatcher2008STEVE BUCKLEDEEBonacci
Motivation and Second Language Acquisition2008Steve BuckledeeELOPE
Necessary Noises: an introduction to English phonology2007STEVE BUCKLEDEEAbramis (arima publishing)
Lexical Cohesion in the Opening Paragraphs of Anthony Burgess's Earthly Powers2007Steve BuckledeeCarocci Editore
Second Language Acquisition from the Perspective of Multi-Competence2007STEVE BUCKLEDEECarocci Editore
Linguistic diversity in the metropolis: a continent called London2007STEVE BUCKLEDEECUEC Editrice
Learners' errors: a problem or an opportunity?2006STEVE BUCKLEDEECUEC Editrice
"The Queen says it's been a bum year." Volgarità e inventiva nei giornali popolari inglesi2006STEVE BUCKLEDEEQUADERNI DELL'ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ITALIA-INGHILTERRA
John Mortimer's 'Paradise Postponed': a journey through post-war British society from New Jerusalem to Essex Man2005STEVE BUCKLEDEELETTERATURE STRANIERE &
Anthony Burgess: write, composer, linguist... and spy?2004STEVE BUCKLEDEELETTERATURE STRANIERE &
An advanced learner's written errors: analysis of the errors, feedback from the learner, how native speakers and non-native speakers assess the errors2002STEVE BUCKLEDEELETTERATURE STRANIERE &
Language and Literature in Tertiary Education: the case for stylistics2002STEVE BUCKLEDEEENGLISH TEACHING FORUM
How advanced learners view the absence of polite and familiar pronominal distinctions in the English language2001STEVE BUCKLEDEELETTERATURE STRANIERE &
When grammar was glamorous: a study of the consonants l and r2000STEVE BUCKLEDEELETTERATURE STRANIERE &
Permission to Leave1997STEVE BUCKLEDEERichmond Publishing
Cleghorn1995STEVE BUCKLEDEENew Millennium
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