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Titolo: Towards the deconstruction of gender role categories: a critical analysis of the Adjective Check List scales of measure for masculine and feminine orientation
Data di pubblicazione: 2008
Abstract: This is a critical reflection on the Adjective Check List scales of measure for masculine (Mas) and feminine (Fem) orientation (Gough et al., 1981), based on a sample of Italian homosexuals (45 males and 52 females). Method: The research’s design of a factorial type among the subjects with a non-equivalent control group (43 heterosexual males and 49 heterosexual females). In the attempt to verify the hypothetical existence of gender crossed characteristics of male and female homosexual orientation (elevated scores to the Fem for the homosexual males and elevated scores to the Mas for the homosexual females) – as it is highlighted in the literature of reference (Clingman and Fowler, 1976; Evans, 1971) – it has been possible, through a factorial Manova 2x2 carried out on the dimensions under analysis (with sex and sexual orientation as between factors) to find the stereotypical nature of the adjectives which are part of the scales. Results: The study broadens the reflections on the acquisition process of sexual identity regarding gender and role – constructions which appear to be related not only to the childhood, but also to complex interpersonal affective regulation processes (Lichtenberg, 1989; Benjamin, 1995; Mitchell, 1993, 2002; Stern, 2005). Conclusion: The research considers the possibility of modernization and updating of the existing methods of measure, which are old-fashioned and therefore little sensitive at understanding the social-relational and affective transformations that involve the personality scales under examination.
ISBN: 1158-1360
Tipologia:1.5 Abstract in rivista

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