The student office is responsible for the management of the student’s career, from the registration till the attainment of the degree and further. It supplies information of general characters about the normative that disciplines the course of the university studies.


In particular you can contact the Student Office for:


–          Information about the different courses

–          Inscription and registration at the first years and further years after the first one

–          University rates and contribution

–          Consultation about how to create a plan of study

–          Abbreviation of the students Carrere

–          The release of general certificate and certificate of degree, parchments, student’s book and copies of documents, which are deposited in our office in original form.

–          Change of degree course

–          Transfer to and from other Universities

–          With the loss of the student status

–          End of the study


Communications about explanation, information, indication of disorganisation, general problems, suggestions and so on, can be done at the address on the side .

For a better and quicker service we kindly ask the students to specify the registration number, the course of degree, to leave a telephone, fax number and an E-Mail address.


Thank You!

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