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Titolo: Doubly special relativity in de Sitter spacetime
Data di pubblicazione: 2010
Abstract: We discuss the generalization of Doubly Special Relativity to a curved de Sitter background. The model has three fundamental observer-independent scales, the velocity of light c, the de Sitter radius α, and the Planck energy κ, and can be realized through a nonlinear action of the de Sitter group on a noncommutative position space. We consider different choices of coordinates on the de Sitter hyperboloid that, although equivalent, may be more suitable for treating different problems. Also the momentum space can be described as a hyperboloid embedded in a five-dimensional space, but in this case different choices of coordinates lead to inequivalent models. We investigate the kinematics and the Hamiltonian dynamics of some specific models and describe some of their phenomenological consequences. Finally, we show that it is possible to construct a model exhibiting a duality for the interchange of positions and momenta together with the interchange of α and κ.
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