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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Middleware support for efficient resource management on embedded MCSoCsIn stampaAlimonda A; Carta S; Acquaviva A
Dissecting Ponzi schemes on Ethereum: identification, analysis, and impact2020BARTOLETTI, MASSIMO; CARTA, SALVATORE MARIO; CIMOLI, TIZIANA; Saia, RobertoFUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS
A combined entropy-based approach for a proactive credit scoring2020Carta, Salvatore Mario; Castelo Branco Ferreira, Anselmo; Reforgiato Recupero, Diego Angelo; Saia, M.; Saia, RobertoENGINEERING APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
Deep learning and time series-to-image encoding for financial forecasting2020Barra, S.; Carta, S. M.; Corriga, A.; Podda, A. S.; Reforgiato Recupero, D.IEEE/CAA JOURNAL OF AUTOMATICA SINICA
Modeling real-time data and contextual information from workouts in eCoaching platforms to predict users’ sharing behavior on Facebook2020Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Ibba, Federico; Mulas, Fabrizio; Pilloni, PaoloUSER MODELING AND USER-ADAPTED INTERACTION
Popularity prediction of instagram posts2020Carta, S.; Podda, A. S.; Recupero, D. R.; Saia, R.; Usai, G.INFORMATION
Fraud detection for E-commerce transactions by employing a prudential Multiple Consensus model2019Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, Gianni; Reforgiato Recupero, Diego; Saia, RobertoJOURNAL OF INFORMATION SECURITY AND APPLICATIONS
Introducing a vector space model to perform a proactive credit scoring2019Saia, R.; Carta, S.Springer
Evaluating the benefits of using proactive transformed-domain-based techniques in fraud detection tasks2019Saia, Roberto; Carta, SalvatoreFUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS
A discretized enriched technique to enhance machine learning performance in credit scoring2019Saia, R.; Carta, S.; Recupero, D. R.; Fenu, G.; Saia, M.SciTePress
A supervised multi-class multi-label word embeddings approach for toxic comment classification2019Carta, S.; Corriga, A.; Mulas, R.; Recupero, D. R.; Saia, R.SciTePress
A discretized extended feature space (DEFS) model to improve the anomaly detection performance in network intrusion detection systems2019Saia, R.; Carta, S.; Recupero, D. R.; Fenu, G.; Stanciu, Maria MadalinaSciTePress
A holistic auto-configurable ensemble machine learning strategy for financial trading2019Carta, S.; Corriga, A.; Ferreira, A.; Recupero, D. R.; Saia, R.COMPUTATION
Internet of entities (IoE): A blockchain-based distributed paradigm for data exchange between wireless-based devices2019Saia, Roberto; Carta, Salvatore; Recupero, Diego Reforgiato; Fenu, GianniSciTePress
Forecasting E-commerce products prices by combining an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model and Google Trends data2019Carta, Salvatore; Medda, Andrea; Pili, Alessio; Recupero, Diego Reforgiato; Saia, RobertoFUTURE INTERNET
NewsVallum: Semantics-Aware Text and Image Processing for Fake News Detection system2018Armano, Giuliano; Battiato, Sebastiano; Bennato, Davide; Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore M.; ...Di Noia, Tommaso; Di Sciascio, Eugenio; Ortis, Alessandro; REFORGIATO RECUPERO, DIEGO ANGELO GAETANO
Recommender system lets coaches identify and help athletes who begin losing motivation2018Pilloni, Paolo; Piras, Luca; Carta, SALVATORE MARIO; Fenu, Gianni; Fabrizio Mulas, And; Boratto, ...LudovicoCOMPUTER
Employing document embeddings to solve the "new catalog" problem in user targeting, and provide explanations to the users2018Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, Gianni; Piras, LucaSpringer
Behavioral data mining to produce novel and serendipitous friend recommendations in a social bookmarking system2018Manca, Matteo; Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore MarioINFORMATION SYSTEMS FRONTIERS
A wavelet-based data analysis to credit scoring2018Saia, Roberto; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, GianniAssociation for Computing Machinery
Guest Editorial: Behavioral-Data Mining in Information Systems and the Big Data Era2018Boratto, L.; Carta, S.; Kaltenbrunner, A.; Manca, M.INFORMATION SYSTEMS FRONTIERS
Predicting workout quality to help coaches support sportspeople2018Boratto, L.; Carta, S.; Iguider, W.; Mulas, F.; Pilloni, P.CEUR-WS
Popularity does not always mean triviality: introduction of popularity criteria to improve the accuracy of a recommender system2017Saia, Roberto; Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, SALVATORE MARIOJOURNAL OF COMPUTERS
The role of social interaction on users motivation to exercise: A persuasive web framework to enhance the self-management of a healthy lifestyle2017Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, Gianni; Manca, Matteo; Mulas, Fabrizio; Pilloni, PaoloPERVASIVE AND MOBILE COMPUTING
Exploiting a determinant-based metric to evaluate a word-embeddings matrix of Items2017Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, Gianni; Saia, Roberto
A frequency-domain-based pattern mining for credit card fraud detection2017Saia, Roberto; Carta, SALVATORE MARIOSciTePress
Investigating the role of the rating prediction task in granularity-based group recommender systems and big data scenarios2017Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, SALVATORE MARIO; Fenu, GianniINFORMATION SCIENCES
Recommendation in persuasive eHealth systems: An effective strategy to spot users' losing motivation to exercise2017Pilloni, Paolo; Piras, Luca; Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, Gianni; Mulas, Fabrizio
An e-coaching ecosystem: design and effectiveness analysis of the engagement of remote coaching on athletes2017Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Mulas, Fabrizio; Pilloni, PaoloPERSONAL AND UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING
Second workshop on engineering computer-human interaction in recommender systems (EnCHIReS)2017Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, GianniAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Semantics-aware content-based recommender systems: Design and architecture guidelines2017Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, SALVATORE MARIO; Fenu, Gianni; Saia, RobertoNEUROCOMPUTING
A fourier spectral pattern analysis to design credit scoring models2017Saia, Roberto; Carta, SalvatoreAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Evaluating credit card transactions in the frequency domain for a proactive fraud detection approach2017Saia, Roberto; Carta, SalvatoreSciTePress
Exploiting the evaluation frequency of the items to enhance the recommendation accuracy2017Saia R; Boratto L; Carta S
Improving the accuracy of latent-space-based recommender systems by introducing a cut-off criterion2016Boratto L; Carta S; Saia
An entropy based algorithm for credit scoring2016Saia R; Carta S
A class-based strategy to user behavior modeling in recommender systems2016Saia, R; Boratto, L; Carta, SSpringer
Introducing a weighted ontology to improve the graph-based semantic similarity measures2016Saia, Roberto; Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, SALVATORE MARIOINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SIGNAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS
A linear-dependence-based approach to design proactive credit scoring models2016Saia R; Carta SSciTePress
Binary sieves: Toward a semantic approach to user segmentation for behavioral targeting2016Saia, Roberto; Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, GianniFUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS
Analysis of the properties that affect the accuracy of a group recommender system2016Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, Gianni
A semantic approach to remove incoherent items from a user profile and improve the accuracy of a recommender system2016Saia, Roberto; Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, SALVATORE MARIOJOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS
Using neural word embeddings to model user behavior and detect user segments2016Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, Salvatore; Fenu, Gianni; Saia, RobertoKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Keep the beat: Audio guidance for runner training2016Balvis, Luca; Boratto, Ludovico; Mulas, Fabrizio; Spano, LUCIO DAVIDE; Carta, SALVATORE MARIO;, GianniLECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCESpringer
Representing items as word-embedding vectors and generating recommendations by measuring their linear independence2016Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, SALVATORE MARIO; Fenu, Gianni; Saia, RobertoCEUR WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGSCEUR-WS
Workshop on engineering human-computer interaction in recommender systems2016Boratto, Ludovico; Spano, LUCIO DAVIDE; Carta, SALVATORE MARIO; Fenu, GianniAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Discovery and representation of the preferences of automatically detected groups: Exploiting the link between group modeling and clustering2016Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, SALVATORE MARIO; Fenu, GianniFUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS
Preface2016Spano, L.D.; Boratto, L.; Carta, S.M.; Fenu, G.Fenu G., Spano L.D.
Influence of rating prediction on group recommendation's accuracy2016Boratto, Ludovico; Carta, SALVATORE MARIO; Fenu, Gianni; Mulas, Fabrizio; Pilloni, PaoloIEEE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Introduction to the special issue on human–computer interaction and the social web2016Carta, Salvatore; Boratto, LudovicoFUTURE INTERNET
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