Feb 122020


                                               RESULTS and ORAL TESTS.

The following students can now proceed to the ORAL PART of the TEST . Orals are on  Monday,  17.02.020; Tuesday 18.02.2020 and Thursday, 20.02.2020. See timetable below. Please note that times are approximate! Orals are in Room 37 (II floor).The oral test consists in general conversation and discussion of a chosen topic, e.g. a painting, a monument, etc. N.BYou will need to bring notes and pictures, etc. to illustrate your chosen subject otherwise you cannot take the test. In other words, DON’T FORGET YOUR NOTES AND PICTURES!

N.B. Any students NOT ON THE LIST should  contact Sally Davies IN PERSON  during office hours. (10-11.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays). 




CARBONI CHIARA 20/45/65532 Monday, 17.02.2020   330pm
CARTA MARGHERITA 20/39/65434 Monday, 17.02.2020   330pm
CIRINA GIACOMO 20/39/65422 Monday, 17.02.2020   330pm
D’APRILE ROBERTA 20/45/65749 Monday, 17.02.2020   330pm
FADDA GIULIA 20/45/65704 Monday, 17.02.2020   330pm
FAIS MARCO 20/45/65671 Monday, 17.02.2020   430pm
FLUMINI RICCARDO 20/45/65754 Monday, 17.02.2020   430pm
FOIS NICOLA 20/40/65373 Monday, 17.02.2020   430pm
GUSAI LETIZIA 20/45/65846 Monday, 17.02.2020   430pm
IANNELLI YLENIA 20/45/65722 Monday, 17.02.2020   430pm
LAI MARTA 20/45/65745 Tuesday, 18.02.2020   815am
MASSIDDA ALESSANDRA 20/45/65840 Tuesday, 18.02.2020   815am
NONNE FRANCESCA 20/45/65780 Tuesday, 18.02.2020   815am
ORRU’ MELANIA 20/45/65161 Tuesday, 18.02.2020   915am
ORTU VALERIA 20/45/65964 Tuesday, 18.02.2020   915am
PERRA GIACOMO 20/44/65292 Tuesday, 18.02.2020   915am
PUDDU PAOLO 20/45/65763 Tuesday, 18.02.2020   915am
SECCI ANITA 20/39/65314 Thursday,20.02.2020. 815am
SERPI ELEONORA 20/45/65733 Thursday,20.02.2020. 815am
SULIS VALENTINA 20/39/65351 Thursday,20.02.2020. 815am
UCCHEDDU MARTA 20/44/65269 Thursday,20.02.2020. 815am
ZANDARA FEDERICA 20/45/65592 Thursday,20.02.2020. 815am
ZEDDA FLAVIA 20/45/65774 Thursday,20.02.2020. 815am


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