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                         RESULTS and ORAL TESTS.

The following students can now proceed to the ORAL PART of the test on Tuesday 04.06.2019.  See timetable below. Please note that times are approximate! Orals are in Room 37 (2nd floor) and consist in describing/comparing two photographs and talking about an unknown topic.

Any students with an asterisk* by their name should contact Sally Davies in person during office hours to discuss their test.

Any students NOT on the list are also kindly requested to contact Sally Davies during office hours.


20/47/00100 BESIA RICCARDO Tuesday, 4.06.2019 230pm
20/46/65228 CARDIA* MARTINA See me during office hours.
20/46/65262 CONA* ANDREA See me during office hours.
20/46/65224 CORONA FABIOLA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 230pm
20/47/00108 CRISTOFALO SILVIA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 230pm
20/47/00026 DIANA DENISE Tuesday, 4.06.2019 230pm
20/47/00079 FIGUS GIULIA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 230pm
20/47/00012 GIAGONI CAMILLA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 330pm
20/47/00018 LAI ROBERTA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 330pm
20/47/00060 LECCA ANNA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 330pm
20/47/00107 LICHERI PIETRO PAOLO Tuesday, 4.06.2019 330pm
20/46/65230 LOCCI* LUCIA See me during office hours.
20/42/65153 MANDUCHI SILVIA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 330pm
20/46/65239 MULAS* LUCA See me during office hours.
20/46/65280 PIREDDU* PIER LUIGI See me during office hours.
20/46/65243 PIRODDI ORNELLA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 430pm
20/46/65193 PORTA ANDREA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 430pm
20/47/00072 PRUNAS VALENTINA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 430pm
20/47/00095 SABA SIMONA Tuesday, 4.06.2019 430pm


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