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                                               RESULTS and ORAL TESTS.

The following students can now proceed to the ORAL PART of the TEST . Orals are on  TUESDAY, 05.06.2018 .See timetable below. Please note that times are approximate! Orals are in Room 37 (II floor).The oral test consists in general conversation and discussion of a chosen topic, e.g. a picture, a monument, etc. N.BYou will need to bring notes and pictures, etc. to illustrate your chosen subject otherwise you cannot take the test. In other words, DON’T FORGET YOUR NOTES AND PICTURES!

N.B. Any students with an asterisk*  by their name need to contact Sally Davies IN PERSON  during office hours. (10-11.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.)

Any students NOT on the list should also contact Sally Davies during office hours to discuss their results.


20/39/65210 AGUS STEFANO Tuesday, 5.06.2018 8.30
20/45/65505 BACHETTI* IRENE See me during office hours
20/45/65262 BORGHERO SARA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 8.30
20/38/61192 CANU SIMONA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 8.30
20/39/30721 COLLU* STEFANIA See me during office hours
60/57/66071 CORONGIU MARGHERITA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 3pm
20/45/65299 DIANA DENISE Tuesday, 5.06.2018 3pm
20/39/65278 FARRIS FRANCESCA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 8.30
20/45/65354 MALLICA BARBARA MARIA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 8.30
20/45/65246 MANCA CAMILLA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 2pm
20/45/65371 MANCONI FABIO Tuesday, 5.06.2018 2pm
20/45/65510 MANTEGA SONIA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 2pm
20/45/65377 MURGIA MARTINA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 2pm
20/45/65187 NICOLO’ LORENZO Tuesday, 5.06.2018 2pm
20/38/60636 ORTU MONICA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 3pm
20/38/30324 ORTU DANIELA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 3pm
20/45/65463 PIRAS MAURA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 3pm
20/39/65184 PIRAS MATTEO Tuesday, 5.06.2018 4pm
20/45/65199 RANA* NICOLE See me during office hours
20/45/65390 ROLESU GIUSEPPE Tuesday, 5.06.2018 4pm
20/45/65293 SABA NICOLETTA SIMONA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 4pm
20/39/65295 SINI ALBERTO Tuesday, 5.06.2018 4pm
20/45/65306 SPANO VALENTINA Tuesday, 5.06.2018 4pm


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