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The following students can now proceed to the ORAL PART of the TEST) Orals will be on Thursday, 6th October, Tuesday 11th AND 18TH October.

See timetable below. Please note that times are approximate! Orals are in Room 37 (II floor). The oral test consists in general conversation and the description of a given photograph.

Students with an asterisk (*) are requested to contact Sally Davies before coming to do the test as they will also be tested on grammar.

Any students NOT on the list should also contact Sally Davies during office hours.

ATZORI LUCA MAURIZIO 20/40/28956 Thursday, 6.10.2016 5pm
CABONI VALENTINA* 20/38/60407 Tuesday, 18.10.2016 5pm
CANNAS SALVATORE 20/38/60285 Tuesday, 11.10.2016  8.30
CUCCU MICHELE* 20/40/28961 Thursday, 6.10.2016 5pm
MANCA FABRIZIO 20/38/62499 Tuesday, 11.10.2016  8.30
MURGIA VIRGINIA 20/38/60224 Tuesday, 11.10.2016 5pm
PIANO ELEONORA 20/38/28886 Tuesday, 11.10.2016 5pm
PILI ALBA 20/38/61162 Tuesday, 11.10.2016 5pm
SALIS PAOLA 20/39/60762 Tuesday, 11.10.2016 5pm




                             RESULTS and ORAL TESTS.


The following students can now proceed to the ORAL PART of the test. Orals will be held on Thursday, 6.10.2016, 13,10.2016, 20.10.2016 and Tuesday, 18.10.2016, 25.10.2016.  See timetable below. Orals are in Room 37 (2nd floor) and consist in general conversation and talking about a chosen topic (a painting, monument) using notes. Please remember to bring your notes and pictures with you.

Students with an asterisk * by their name are requested to contact Sally Davies during office hours to discuss their test results BEFORE COMING TO DO THE TEST.

Any students NOT on the list are also requested to contact Sally Davies during office hours to discuss their test results.


ATZA ANDREA 20/38/60238 Thursday, 13.10.2016 8.30
CADONI GIORGIA 20/38/60576 Thursday, 13.10.2016 8.30
CHILLOTTI TIZIANA 20/38/29666 Thursday, 13.10.2016 5pm
CONTU FABIO* 20/39/30522 Thursday, 6.10.2016 5pm
DEMURTAS ANGELICA 20/45/65985 Thursday, 13.10.2016 5pm
FERINO MATTIA 20/39/29077 Thursday, 13.10.2016 5pm
FILIPPI AURORA* 20/38/29734 Thursday, 6.10.2016. 10.30
GALANTE GIULIA 20/38/61244 Thursday, 13.10.2016 5pm
GHIANI ANDREINA 20/38/28810 Thursday, 6.10.2016 5pm
MANCA MARTINA 20/45/65102 Tuesday,18.10.2016 5pm
MANGINO MARCO* 20/38/28806 Tuesday,25.10.2016 5pm
MASERATI CARLA* 20/45/65003 Thursday, 20.10.2016 5pm
MEDINAS CHIARA 20/45/65168 Tuesday,18.10.2016 5pm
MELIS DEBORA 20/38/61758 Tuesday,18.10.2016 5pm
MELONI FEDERICA* 20/38/30485 Thursday, 6.10.2016 5pm
MULAS CARLA 20/45/65043 Tuesday,18.10.2016 5pm
MURGIA ANDRE 20/39/60877 Thursday, 13.10.2016 8.30
ORRU DAVIDE* 20/45/65086 Thursday,25.10.2016 5pm.
PERRIA ANGELICA 20/38/60204 Thursday, 13.10.2016 5pm
PIREDDU PIER LUIGI 20/39/61110 Tuesday,18.10.2016 5pm
PIRISINO BEATRICE 20/38/60199 Thursday, 20.10.2016 5pm
PISANO ALBERTO 20/38/27202 Thursday, 20.10.2016 5pm
SALIS SILVANA* 20/45/65079 Tuesday,25.10.2016 5pm
SERRELI CAMILLA 20/45/65002 Thursday, 20.10.2016 5pm
ZEDDA ELENA* 20/38/27791 Tuesday,25.10.2016 5pm
ARGIOLAS SARA* 20/38/28029 Tuesday,25.10.2016 5pm
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