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Titolo: From Quantum Information to Musical Semantics
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: Albert Einstein has been, at the same time, one of the "founding fathers" and one of the most serious critics of quantum mechanics. A rigorous criticism of the theory has been developed in a celebrated article, jointly written with Podolsky and Rosen, where one of the most famous quantum theoretic paradoxes (in jargon termed "EPR-paradox") has been presented for the first time. There is something paradoxical in the history of this paradox. Most of the features that Einstein Podolsky and Rosen had described as negative consequences of quantum theory have been, later on, converted into theoretic and practical advantages, even from the technological point of view. We need only think that teleportation, quantum computation and quantum cryptography systematically use, in a positive way, some characteristic quantum phenomena that are usually called EPR-situations. We are now beginning to understand how the mysterious quantum entanglement (which represents the most intriguing feature of the EPR-situations) can be also applied to a formal analysis of some characteristic semantic phenomena, where holistic and contextual aspects play a relevant role. To what extent is it reasonable and interesting to apply some general ideas that arise in the "far" quantum world in order to reconstruct formally the deep semantic structures that underly musical compositions? We try and give some answers to this question.
ISBN: 1848900619
Tipologia:3.1 Monografia o trattato scientifico

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