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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Fast and Robust Mesh Arrangements using Floating-point Arithmetic2020Cherchi, Gianmarco; Livesu, Marco; Scateni, Riccardo; Attene, MarcoACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS
Real-Time Deformation with Coupled Cages and Skeletons2020Corda, F.; Thiery, J. M.; Livesu, M.; Puppo, E.; Boubekeur, T.; Scateni, R.COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM
Selective Padding for Polycube-Based Hexahedral Meshing2019Cherchi, G.; Alliez, P.; Scateni, R.; Lyon, M.; Bommes, D.COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM
BashDungeon: Learning UNIX with a video-game2019Corda, F.; Onnis, M.; Pes, M.; Spano, L. D.; Scateni, R.MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS
Mill and fold: Shape simplification for fabrication2019Muntoni, A.; Nuvoli, S.; Scalas, A.; Tola, A.; Malomo, L.; Scateni, R.COMPUTERS & GRAPHICS
QuadMixer: Layout Preserving Blending of Quadrilateral Meshes2019Nuvoli, Stefano; Hernandez, Alex; Esperança, Claudio; Scateni, Riccardo; Cignoni, Paolo; Pietroni..., NicoACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS
The Py3DViewer project: A python library for fast prototyping in geometry processing2019Cherchi, G.; Pitzalis, L.; Frongia, G. L.; Scateni, R.Eurographics Association
Design and implementation of a visualization tool for the in-depth analysis of the domestic electricity consumption2019Merlin, G.; Ortu, D.; Cherchi, G.; Scateni, R.Eurographics Association
Split and mill: User assisted height-field block decomposition for fabrication2019Muntoni, A.; Spano, L. D.; Scateni, R.Eurographics Association
Skeleton based cage generation guided by harmonic fields2019Casti, S.; Livesu, M.; Mellado, N.; Abu Rumman, N.; Scateni, R.; Barthe, Loic Paul Maurice; Puppo..., E.COMPUTERS & GRAPHICS
CageLab: an Interactive Tool for Cage-Based Deformations2018Casti, Sara; Corda, Fabrizio; Marco, Livesu; Scateni, RiccardoEurographics
Simplification of Shapes for Fabrication with V-Groove Milling Tools2018Muntoni, Alessandro; Scalas, Andreas; Nuvoli, Stefano; Scateni, RiccardoEurographics
Axis-Aligned Height-Field Block Decomposition of 3D Shapes2018Muntoni, Alessandro; Livesu, Marco; Scateni, Riccardo; Sheffer, Alla; Panozzo, DanieleACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS
Fabrication Oriented Shape Decomposition Using Polycube Mapping2018Fanni, Filippo A.; Cherchi, Gianmarco; Muntoni, Alessandro; Tola, Alessandro; Scateni, RiccardoCOMPUTERS & GRAPHICS
ChIP: Teaching coding in primary schools2017Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, Lucio Davide; Casti, Sara; Carcangiu, Alessandro; Corda, Fabrizio; Cher...chi, Gianmarco; Murru, Alessio; Muntoni, Alessandro; Nuvoli, Stefano; Scateni, RiccardoCEUR WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGSCEUR-WS
Polycube-based decomposition for fabrication2017Fanni Filippo, A.; Cherchi, Gianmarco; Scateni, RiccardoEurographics
A seamless pipeline for the acquisition of the body shape: the Virtuoso case study2017Saba, Marianna; Sorrentino, Fabio; Muntoni, Alessandro; Casti, Sara; Cherchi, Gianmarco; Carcangi...u, Alessandro; Corda, Fabrizio; Murru, Alessio; Spano, LUCIO DAVIDE; Scateni, Riccardo; Vitali, Ilaria; Salvetti, Ovidio; Magrini, Massimo; Villa, Andrea; Carboni, Andrea; Pascali Maria, AntoniettaEurographics Association
An interactive editor for curve-skeletons: SkeletonLab2016Barbieri, S; Meloni, P; Usai, Francesco; Spano, LUCIO DAVIDE; Scateni, RiccardoCOMPUTERS & GRAPHICS
Polycube simplification for coarse layouts of surfaces and volumes2016Cherchi, Gianmarco; Livesu, Marco; Scateni, RiccardoCOMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM
Skeleton-driven adaptive hexahedral meshing of tubular shapes2016Livesu, Marco; Muntoni, Alessandro; Puppo, Enrico; Scateni, RiccardoCOMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM
Fitmersive games: Fitness gamification through immersive VR2016Tuveri, Elena; Macis, Luca; Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, LUCIO DAVIDE; Scateni, RiccardoACM
Internet of t(eac)hings: Assessing children's learning in the IoT era2016Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, LUCIO DAVIDE; Scateni, RiccardoCEUR WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGSCEUR-WS
Position paper: shape retrieval and 3D gestural interaction2016Giachetti, A.; Caputo, F. M.; Carcangiu, Alessandro; Scateni, Riccardo; Spano, LUCIO DAVIDEEurographics Association
Smart Mirror Where I Stand, Who Is the Leanest in the Sand?2015Saba, Marianna; Scateni, Riccardo; Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, Lucio Davide; Colantonio, Sara;, Daniela; Magrini, Massimo; Salvetti, Ovidio; Buonaccorsi, Novella; Vitali, IlariaSpringer
Extraction of the quad layout of a triangle mesh guided by its curve skeleton2015Usai, F; Livesu, M; Puppo, E; Tarini, M; Scateni, RACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS
RiftArt: Bringing masterpieces in the classroom through immersive virtual reality2015Casu, Andrea; Spano, Lucio Davide; Sorrentino, Fabio; Scateni, RiccardoEuroGraphics
Practical medial axis filtering for occlusion-aware contours2015Livesu, Marco; Scateni, RiccardoEuroGraphics
Speaky Notes Learn languages with augmented reality2015Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, Lucio Davide; Scateni, RiccardoIEEE
Skeleton lab: an Interactive tool to create, edit, and repair curve-skeletons2015Barbieri, Simone; Meloni, Pietro; Usai, Francesco; Scateni, RiccardoEuroGraphics
SuperAvatar Children and mobile tourist guides become friends using superpowered avatars2015Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, Lucio Davide; Scateni, RiccardoInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc
Interactive shops: how the customer can deal with them both from inside and outside2015Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, Lucio Davide; Scateni, RiccardoACM
WoBo: Multisensorial travels through Oculus Rift2015Fibbi, Stefano; Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, Lucio Davide; Scateni, RiccardoACM
Click and Share: a face recognition tool for the mobile community2014Casti, Sara; Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, Lucio Davide; Scateni, RiccardoIEEE Signal Processing Society
Curvature-based blending of closed planar curves2014Saba, Marianna; Schneider, Teseo; Hormann, Kai; Scateni, RiccardoGRAPHICAL MODELS
CHROMAGRAM: A Real-time Chroma Key Application for Mobile Devices2014Corda, Fabrizio; Sorrentino, Fabio; Scateni, RiccardoEurographics Association
AR Turn-by-turn navigation in small urban areas and information browsing2014Cherchi, Gianmarco; Sorrentino, Fabio; Scateni, RiccardoEurographics Association
A Multitouch Notice Board Fostering Social Interaction2013Iacolina, Samuel Aldo; Corrias, Michele; Pontis, Omar; Soro, Alessandro; Sorrentino, Fabio;, RiccardoACM INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS SERIESACM
Controlling a planetarium software with a Kinect or in a multi-touch table: a comparison2013Tuveri, Elena; Iacolina, Samuel Aldo; Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, Lucio Davide; Scateni, RiccardoACM INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS SERIESACM
THAL-k: TalkingHead Animation Library2013Sorrentino F; Scateni REurographics
A Grammar-Based Approach to the Modeling of Animal-like Characters2013Usai, Francesco; Kovacic, Maurizio; Scateni, Riccardo
Extracting curve-skeletons from digital shapes using occluding contours2013Livesu, Marco; Scateni, RiccardoTHE VISUAL COMPUTER
PolyCut: Monotone Graph-Cuts for PolyCube Base-Complex Construction2013Livesu, Marco; Vining, Nicholas; Sheffer, Alla; Gregson, James; Scateni, RiccardoACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS
Rigid registration of different poses of animated shapes2013Livesu, Marco; Scateni, RiccardoJOURNAL OF WSCG
Reconstructing the Curve-Skeletons of 3D Shapes Using the Visual Hull2012Livesu, Marco; Guggeri, Fabio; Scateni, RiccardoIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS
Motion-based mesh segmentation using augmented silhouettes2012Marras, Stefano; Hormann, Kai; Bronstein, Michael; Scateni, Riccardo; Scopigno, RiccardoGRAPHICAL MODELS
Shape Reconstruction from Raw Point Clouds using Depth Carving2012Guggeri, Fabio; Scateni, Riccardo; Pajarola, RenatoEUROGRAPHICS TECHNICAL REPORT SERIESEurographics
Talking heads on mobile devices2012Sorrentino Fabio; Scateni RiccardoACM INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS SERIESACM
MORAVIA: A Video-Annotation System Supporting Gesture Recognition2011Careddu, Marco; Carrus, Laura; Soro, Alessandro; Iacolina, Samuel Aldo; Scateni, RiccardoACM
3D-ize U! A real-time 3D head-model texture generator for Android2011Boi, Stefano; Sorrentino, Fabio; Marras, Stefano; Scateni, RiccardoEurographics
Walk, Look and Smell Through2011Cozza, Valentina; Fenu, Gianni; Scateni, Riccardo; Soro, Alessandro
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