Jordi Crespo Saumell – PhD Student


PhD School in Philosophy and Epistemology


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Hi everybody,

I am Jordi, from Tarragona (Spain).

I was offered the PhD position reserved to foreign applicants in the Dept of Philosophy at University of Cagliari. My major concerns are namely bound to Greek philosophy, my PhD thesis is in fact focused on semantic evolution in light of ancient medical texts.

I feel really fortunate, and I take this doubtlessly as an extraordinary opportunity. I had been seeking for something like this throughout the whole 2013, so that it is a kind of a dream come true.

Cagliari brings me back to my natal Tarragona, both the weather and the people seem nice, and my department is committed to the study of history of science and ideas.

Apart from these things, I am 37 years old and I have studied in different universities. I have been working in different places hitherto, olive and wine harvesting,  tourist guide, selling train tickets, lecturing…I love travelling abroad, learning languages and facing new challenging experiences. I enjoy working out twice or three times a week as well, for instance jogging, swimming or trekking; and I appreciate to have lunch or supper in good company from time to time.

I will look forward meeting you; hopefully we will find the way to catch up over there in Cagliari!!


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