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Titolo: Warfarin or acenocoumarol: which is better in the management of oral anticoagulants?
Data di pubblicazione: 1998
Abstract: Abstract Warfarin is employed more frequently than acenocoumarol because of its longer half-life (36 h), theoretically providing more stable anticoagulation, and avoiding factor VII fluctuations that potentially occur during acenocoumarol treatment (half-life 10 h). The aim of our study was to compare acenocoumarol with warfarin in the same group of 103 patients who started oral anticoagulation with acenocoumarol and then changed to warfarin. In these patients we compared the previous period of six months on acenocoumarol treatment (July-December 1996) with a new six-month period on warfarin (July-December 1997). We wished to know whether warfarin could improve the quality and the stability of oral anticoagulation of our patients and whether there was a difference between the two drugs in the weekly mean dose per patient. Moreover in order to detect the possible daily fluctuation of factor VII, we evaluated a further group of 54 patients. A subgroup of these patients was treated wi...
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