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Titolo: Point-of-care (POCT) prothrombin time monitors: is a periodical control of their performance useful?
Data di pubblicazione: 2009
Abstract: Abstract INTRODUCTION: Point-of-care testing (POCT) prothrombin time monitors are now widely used to monitor oral anticoagulant treatment. Although portable coagulometers are extremely easy to use, checking the quality of their performance presents some difficulties. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The aims of this study were to investigate on a quarterly basis the performance of 95 Coagucheck S assigned to 99 anticoagulated patients at home. This was done checking the monitors versus a reference coagulometer in the laboratory at our Thrombosis Centre (TC). The other aims were to carry out an external quality assessment employing different sets of INR certified plasmas with 5 different ranges of anticoagulation and to assess the performance of the different lots of strips employed by the patients during the study. RESULTS: No difference between the PT INR obtained with both the systems at the first quarterly check was noted but a significant difference was found when the two systems w...
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