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Titolo: “Acute leukemias and molecular markers, cooperative study between Cancer Hospital A.Businco Cagliari and Cancer Institute S.O.L.C.A of Cuenca in (EC).”
Data di pubblicazione: 2007
Abstract: This molecular study on acute leukaemias is the result of the collaboration between Department of Haematology and Transplant of Cancer Hospital Businco, of Cagliari(I) and Molecular laboratory of Cancer Institute S.O.L.C.A. of Cuenca (EC). Prognosis, diagnosis and follow up in children an adults with Acute leukemias have been studied. Source of Ecuadorian samples were patients who come from Azuay countries, Loya, El Oro, Rio Paute. Countries with high deforestation tax, few health services, high use in agriculture of chemicals associated with high poverty level and high incidence of chronic disease in blood, pneumonia, breast. Ecuadorian population studied is included in a geographic area of 700.000 km2, 6% were Indios, 0.25% nigger, 94% half-caste white. Ecuadorian incidence of Acute limphoblastic Leukemias was 3.0 /year/100.000 people; AML 1.4 /year/100.000 people. High frequency were observed in children (0-14 years) with a 66% of tumor deaths. Among ALL pediatric case, 80% were type B, among B-ALL 72% case of adults were type L2 and 75% of children type L1 according to F.A.B. classification. Molecular analysis were performed in Cuenca( EC) and only samples of positive case were sent in molecular Biology of Cagliari for confirmation of results and sequence analysis. Objective. To create a new molecular laboratory for ALL/AML diagnosis in Cuenca (EC) was the aim of the study. Materials. From February 2000 to February 2005 in Cancer Institute S.O.L.C.A of Cuenca (EC ) 261 cases (137 male, 124 female) with lymphoprolipherative disease,119 of them were acute leukemias (38 AML and 81 ALL)) were analyzed. Methods. All cases were evaluated with Polymerase chain reaction, BIOMED I PCR protocol were performed to value t(1;19), t(9;22), t(8;21), t(15;17), t(12;21) rearrangements, while for MLL rare translocations study t(6;11),t(9 ;11) t(11;19) were been used probes and procedure kindly provided from Instituts fur Pharmazeutische Biologie JWG Universitaet Frankfurt. Results. The 15% of patients showed genetic alterations (12% in adults and 14% in children), 1% of children were positive to 1 Chromosome deletion. In ALL, 1 case (1.23%) was positive to t(4:11) rearrangement, all results were tested with BIOMED I protocol and confirmed with sequence analysis. Considerations and conclusions. Molecular Results of patients in Cuenca (EC) were confirmed with results of same samples sent to Cagliari. To our collaboration, after 6 years the molecular laboratory of Cancer Institute S.O.L.C.A. of Cuenca (EC) is an independent structure for molecular diagnosis in leukemia, lymphomas, transplant and cordonal blood procedure.
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