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Insight into the Properties of Heteroleptic Metal Dithiolenes: Multistimuli Responsive Luminescence, Chromism, and Nonlinear Optics2021Attar, S. S.; Pilia, L.; Espa, D.; Artizzu, F.; Serpe, A.; Pizzotti, M.; Marinotto, D.; Marchio, ...L.; Deplano, P.INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Multi-Magnetic Properties of a Novel SCO [Fe(3-OMe-Sal2trien)]-[Fe(tdas)2]·CH3CN Salt2020Spitsyna, Nataliya; Ovanesyan, Nikolay; Blagov, Maxim; Krapivin, Vladimir; Lobach, Anatolii; Dmit...riev, Alexei; Simonov, Sergey; Zorina, Leokadiya; Pilia, Luca; Deplano, Paola; Vasiliev, Alexander; Maximova, Olga; Yagubskii, EduardEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Anti-Kasha Conformational Photoisomerization of a Heteroleptic Dithiolene Metal Complex Revealed by Ultrafast Spectroscopy2020Gazzetto, M.; Artizzu, F.; Attar, S. S.; Marchio, L.; Pilia, L.; Rohwer, E. J.; Feurer, T.;, P.; Cannizzo, A.JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. A, MOLECULES, SPECTROSCOPY, KINETICS, ENVIRONMENT, & GENERAL THEORY
Anti-Kasha Photophysics and Photochemistry in Pt-dithiolene Complexes Investigated with Ultrafast Transient Absorption2019Gazzetto, M.; Artizzu, F.; Attar, S.; Marchio`, L.; Pilia, L.; Rohwer, E.; Feurer, T.; Deplano, P....; Cannizzo, A.
Design of Nickel Donor-Acceptor Dithiolenes for 2nd order Nonlinear Optics. Experimental and Computational study2019Attar, Salahuddin. S.; Marchiò, Luciano; Pilia, Luca; Casula, Maria F.; Espa, Davide; Serpe,; Pizzotti, Maddalena; Marinotto, Daniele; Deplano, PaolaNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Advances in Recovering Noble Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards (WPCBs)2019Rigoldi, Americo; Trogu, Emanuele F.; Carlo Marcheselli, Gian; Artizzu, Flavia; Picone, Nicoletta...; Colledani, Marcello; Deplano, Paola; Serpe, AngelaACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
From Recovered Palladium to Molecular and Nanoscale Catalysts2019Jantan, Khairil A.; Wen Chan, Kuang; LAURA, MELIS; White, Andrew J. P.; Marchiò, Luciano; DEPLAN...O, PAOLA; SERPE, ANGELA; Wilton-Ely, James D. E. T.ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
Uncommon Optical Properties and Silver-Responsive Turn-Off/On Luminescence in a Pt(II) Heteroleptic Dithiolene Complex2018Attar, Salahuddin S; Artizzu, Flavia; Marchiò, Luciano; Espa, Davide; Pilia, Luca; Casula, Maria ...F; Serpe, Angela; Pizzotti, Maddalena; Orbelli-Biroli, Alessio; Deplano, PaolaCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Molecular engineering of heteroleptic metal-dithiolene complexes with optimized second-order NLO response2018Espa, Davide; Pilia, Luca; Attar, SALAHUDDIN SAYEDSHABBIR; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, PaolaINORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA
Noble-metals recovery from printed circuit boards: a multidisciplinary approach towards sustainability2017Rigoldi, Americo; Trogu, E. F.; Marcheselli, G. C.; Picone, N.; Deplano, Paola; Colledani, M.; Se...rpe, AngelaSARDINIA...CISA
Recupero dei metalli nobili da schede elettroniche (PCB): un approccio multidisciplinare verso la sostenibilità2017Rigoldi, Americo; Trogu, E. F.; Marcheselli, G. C.; Picone, N.; Deplano, Paola; Colledani, M.; Se...rpe, AngelaSARDINIA...CISA
Optically Multiresponsive Heteroleptic Platinum Dithiolene Complex with Proton-Switchable Properties2017Attar, S; Espa, D; Artizzu, F; Pilia, L; Serpe, A; Pizzotti, M; Di Carlo, G; Marchiò, L; Deplano, PINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Ionic couple-driven palladium leaching by organic triiodide solutions2017Cuscusa, M; Rigoldi, A; Artizzu, F; Cammi, R; Fornasiero, P; Deplano, P; Marchio, L; Serpe, AACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
From recovered metal waste to high-performance palladium catalysts2017Jantan, Khairil A.; Kwok, Chuek Yee; Chan, Kuang Wen; Marchiã², Luciano; White, Andrew J. P.; Dep...lano, Paola; Serpe, Angela; Wilton-Ely, James D. E. T.GREEN CHEMISTRY
Recent advances in the structure and properties of metal–dithiolene complexes2016Deplano, Paola; Espa, Davide; Pilia, LucaWiley
A platinum-dithiolene monoanionic salt exhibiting multiproperties, including room-temperature proton-dependent solution luminescence2016Attar, Salahuddin; Espa, Davide; Artizzu, Flavia; Mercuri, Maria Laura; Serpe, Angela; Sessini, E...lisa; Concas, Giorgio; Congiu, Francesco; Marchio, Luciano; Deplano, PaolaINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
From trash to resource: recovered-Pd from spent Three-Way Catalysts as precursor of an effective photo-catalyst for H2production2016Gombac, Valentina; Montini, Tiziano; Falqui, Andrea; Loche, Danilo; Prato, Mirko; Genovese, Aless...andro; Mercuri, Maria Laura; Serpe, Angela; Fornasiero, P; Deplano, PaolaGREEN CHEMISTRY
A nonlinear optical active polymer film based on Pd(ii) dithione/dithiolate second-order NLO chromophores2016Espa, Davide; Pilia, Luca; Marchiò, L.; Artizzu, Flavia; Di Carlo, G.; Marinotto, D.; Serpe,; Tessore, F.; Deplano, PaolaDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Multi-NIR-emissive materials based on heterolanthanide molecular assemblies2016Artizzu, Flavia; Quochi, Francesco; Marchiò, L; Saba, Michele; Serpe, Angela; Mura, ANTONIO ANDRE...A; Mercuri, MARIA LAURA; Bongiovanni, GIOVANNI LUIGI CARLO; Deplano, PaolaMRS ADVANCES
Ln3Q9 as a Molecular Framework for Ion-Size-Driven Assembly of Heterolanthanide (Nd, Er, Yb) Multiple Near-Infrared Emitters (Cover Profile Article)2015Artizzu, Flavia; Quochi, Francesco; Luciano, Marchiò; Raquel Fonseca, Correia; Saba, Michele;, Angela; Mura, Antonio Andrea; Mercuri, Maria Laura; Bongiovanni, Giovanni Luigi Carlo; Deplano, PaolaCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Controlling Nd-to-Yb energy transfer through a molecular approach2015Artizzu, Flavia; Serpe, Angela; Marchiò, Luciano; Saba, Michele; Mura A; Mercuri, Maria Laura; Bo...ngiovanni, Giovanni; Deplano, Paola; Quochi, FrancescoJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. C
Light conversion control in NIR-emissive optical materials based on Heterolanthanide ErxYb3-x Quinolinolato molecular components2015Artizzu, F; Quochi, F; Marchiò, L; Figus, C; Loche, D; Atzori, M; Sarritzu, V; Kaczmarek, AM; Van... Deun, R; Saba, M; Serpe, A; Mura, A; Mercuri, ML; Bongiovanni, G; Deplano, PCHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS
Tuning the oxidation state and magnetic and coordination behaviour of iron and cobalt complexes by O/S variation in mono-thio and dithio-oxamide chelating ligands2015Pilia L; Espa D; Concas G; Congiu F; Marchiò L; Mercuri M L; Serpe A; Deplano PNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Chameleon behaviour of iodine in recovering Noble-Metals from WEEE: towards sustainability and “zero” waste2015Serpe A; Rigoldi A; Marras C; Artizzu F; Mercuri M L; Deplano PGREEN CHEMISTRY
Switching-on luminescence in anilate-based molecular materials2015Atzori, M; Artizzu, Flavia; Marchiò, L; Loche, Danilo; Caneschi, A; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, Paola...; Avarvari, N; Mercuri, MARIA LAURADALTON TRANSACTIONS
Tailoring functionality through synthetic strategy in heterolanthanide assemblies2015Artizzu F; Quochi F; Serpe A; Sessini E; Deplano PINORGANIC CHEMISTRY FRONTIERS
Ln3Q9 as a molecular framework for ion-size-driven assembly of Heterolanthanide (Nd, Er, Yb) multiple near-infrared emitters2015Artizzu F; Quochi F; Marchiò L; Fonseca Correia R; Saba M; Serpe A; Mura A; Mercuri ML; G; Deplano PCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Structural changes in MII dithione/dithiolato complexes (M = Ni, Pd, Pt) on varying the dithione functionalization2015Espa, Davide; Pilia, Luca; Marchiò, L; Attar, SALAHUDDIN SAYEDSHABBIR; Barsella, A; Fort, A; Merc...uri, MARIA LAURA; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, PaolaCRYSTENGCOMM
Tailoring magnetic properties of molecular materials through non-covalent interactions2015Atzori, M; Serpe, A; Deplano, P; Schlueter, JA; Mercuri, MLINORGANIC CHEMISTRY FRONTIERS
A simple, sensitive analytical method for platinum trace determination in human urine2015Crespo Alonso, M; Rigoldi, A; Ibba, Antonio; Zicca, L; Deplano, Paola; Mercuri, MARIA LAURA; Cocc...o, PIER LUIGI; Serpe, AngelaMICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL
Halogen-bonding in a new family of tris(haloanilato)metallate(iii) magnetic molecular building blocks2014Atzori, M; Artizzu, F; Sessini, E; Marchio, L; Loche, D; Serpe, A; Deplano, P; Concas, G; Pop, F;... Avarvari, N; Mercuri, M LDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Role of the acceptor in tuning the properties of metal [M(II) = Ni, Pd, Pt] dithiolato /dithione (donor/acceptor) second-order nonlinear chromophores: combined experimental and theoretical studies2014Espa, D; Pilia, L; Makedonas, C; Marchiò, L; Mercuri, ML; Serpe, A; Barsella, A; Fort, A; Mitsopo...ulou, CA; Deplano, PINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Ultrafast Electronic and Vibrational Relaxations in Mixed-Ligand Dithione-Dithiolene Ni, Pd, and Pt Complexes2014Frei F; Rondi A; Espa D; Mercuri M L; Pilia L; Serpe A; Odeh A; Van Mourik F; Chergui M; Feurer T...; Deplano P; Vlček A; Cannizzo ADALTON TRANSACTIONS
Effective One-Step Removal-Inertization of Hazardous Metals (Cd and Hg) by Environmental Friendly Reagents2014Mercuri ML; Angela Serpe; Luciano Marchiò; Flavia Artizzu; Davide Espa; Paola DeplanoINORGANIC CHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS
Structural Diversity and Physical Properties of Paramagnetic Molecular Conductors Based on Bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene (BEDT-TTF) and the Tris(chloranilato)ferrate(III) Complex2014Atzori M; Pop F; Auban-Senzier P; Gómez-García C J; Canadell E; Artizzu F; Serpe A; Deplano P; A...varvari N; Mercuri MLINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Sol-gel silica films embedding NIR-emitting Yb-quinolinolate complexes2014Figus, Cristiana; Quochi, Francesco; Artizzu, Flavia; Piana, G; Saba, Michele; Mercuri, MARIA LAU...RA; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, Paola; Mura, ANTONIO ANDREA; Bongiovanni, GIOVANNI LUIGI CARLOAIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGSAmerican Institute of Physics
From trash to resource: a green approach to noble-metals dissolution and recovery2014Serpe, A; Mercuri, ML; Artizzu, F; Espa, D; Rigoldi, A; Deplano, PGREEN PROCESSING AND SYNTHESIS
Hydrogen-bonded supramolecular architectures based on tris(hydranilato)metallate(III) (M = Fe, Cr) metallotectons2014Atzori, M; Marchiò, L; Clérac, R; Serpe, A; Deplano, P; Avarvari, N; Mercuri, MLCRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN
Multifunctional materials of interest in molecular electronics2013Mercuri ML; Deplano P; Serpe A; Artizzu FPan Stanford Publishing
A family of layered chiral porous magnets exhibiting tunable ordering temperatures2013Atzori M; Benmansour S; Espallargas GM; Clemente-Leon M; Abherve A; Gomez-Claramunt P; Coronado E...; Artizzu F; Sessini E; Deplano P; Serpe A; Mercuri ML; Garcia CJGINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Near-infrared pigments based on ion-pair charge transfer salts of dicationic and dianionic metal-dithiolene [M(II) = Pd, Pt] complexes2013Espa, D; Pilia, Luca; Marchiò, L; Mercuri, MARIA LAURA; Serpe, Angela; Sessini, Elisa; Deplano, P...aolaDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Effective one-step gold dissolution using environmentally friendly low-cost reagents2013Serpe, Angela; Marchiò, L; Artizzu, Flavia; Mercuri, MARIA LAURA; Deplano, PaolaCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
New BDH-TTP/[MIII(C5O5)3]3− (M = Fe, Ga) Isostructural Molecular Metals2013Pilia, Luca; Sessini, Elisa; Artizzu, Flavia; Yamashita, M; Serpe, Angela; Kubo, K; Ito, H; Tanak...a, H; Kuroda S., I; Yamada J., I; Deplano, Paola; Gómez García C., J; Mercuri, MARIA LAURAINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Fully efficient direct Yb-to-Er energy transfer at molecular level in a near-infrared emitting heterometallic trinuclear quinolinolato complex2013Artizzu F; Quochi F; Marchiò L; Sessini E; Saba M; Serpe A; Mura A; Mercuri ML; Bongiovanni G; De...plano PTHE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS
Ultrafast Electronic Relaxations in Metal Mixed-Ligand Dithiolene Complexes2012A Cannizzo; F Frei; T Feurer; A Odeh; F van Mourik; M; Chergui; D. Espa; M L Mercuri; L Pilia; A ...Serpe; Deplano P; A Vlcek
Photosensitising properties of quinolinol antenna ligands toward NIR-emissive lanthanide ions2012F. Artizzu; F. Quochi; M. L. Mercuri; A. Serpe; A. Mura; G. Bongiovanni; Deplano P
Electrochromic Second-Order NLO Chromophores based on MII (M = Ni, Pd, Pt) Complexes with Diselenolato-Dithione (Donor-Acceptor) Ligands2012D. Espa; Pilia L; L. Marchiò; M. Pizzotti; N. Robertson; F. Tessore; M. L. Mercuri; A. Serpe; P. ...DeplanoDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Silica sol-gel glasses incorporating dual-luminescent Yb quinolinolato complex: processing, emission and photosensitising properties of the 'antenna' ligand.2012Artizzu, F; Quochi, F; Saba, M; Loche, D; Mercuri, Ml; Serpe, A; Mura, A; Bongiovanni, G; Deplano, PDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Synthesis and physical properties of K 4[Fe(C5O5)2(H 2O)2](HC5O5) 24H2O (C5O5)2- = croconate): A rare example of ferromagnetic coupling via H-bonds2012Atzori, M; Sessini, Elisa; Artizzu, Flavia; Pilia, Luca; Serpe, Angela; Gomez Garcia Carlos, J.; ...Gimenez Saiz, Carlos; Deplano, Paola; Mercuri, MARIA LAURAINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Dual Emitting [Yb(5,7ClQ)2(H5,7ClQ)2Cl]: Chemical and Photophysical Properties2012Artizzu F; Quochi F; Saba M; Marchiò L; Espa D; Serpe A; Mura A; Mercuri M L; Bongiovanni G; Depl...ano PCHEMPLUSCHEM
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