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Enhancement of g-aminobutyric acid binding by Quazepam, a benzodiazepine derivative with preferential affinity for type I benzodiazepine receptors1986Corda MG; Sanna E; Concas A; Giorgi O; Ongini E; Nurchi V; Pintori T; Crisponi G; Biggio G.JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY
The benzodiazepine recognition site inverse agonists Ro 15-4513 and FG 7142 both antagonize the EEG effects of ethanol in the rat.1988Marrosu F; Mereu G; Giorgi O; Corda M GLIFE SCIENCES
GABAergic and dopaminergic transmission in the rat cerebral cortex: effect of stress, anxiolytic and anxiogenic drugs.1990Biggio G; Concas A; Corda M G; Giorgi O; Sanna E; Serra MPHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS
Pentylenetetrazol-induced kindling in rats: effect of GABA function inhibitors1991CORDA MG; ORLANDI M; LECCA D; CARBONI G; FRAU V; GIORGI OPHARMACOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BEHAVIOR
Age-related decrease in the density of benzodiazepine recognition sites in the brain of the fresh water eel (Anguilla anguilla)1991CORDA MG ORLANDI M; DEIANA AM; GIORGI O; SALVADORI SNEUROSCIENCE LETTERS
MK-801 prevents chemical kindling induced by pentylenetetrazol in rats1991GIORGI O; ORLANDI M; LECCA D; CORDA MGEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Decrease in GABAergic function induced by pentylenetetrazol kindling in rats: antagonism by MK-8011992CORDA MG; ORLANDI M; LECCA D; GIORGI OJOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS
Chronic treatment with SCH 23390 increases the production rate of dopamine D1 receptors in the nigro-striatal system of the rat1993GIORGI O; PIBIRI MG; LOI R; CORDA MGEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Allosteric modulation of [35S]TBPS-binding in the cerebral cortex of the rat during postnatal development1994GIORGI O; CANCEDDA E; LECCA D; ORLANDI M; CORDA MGBRAIN RESEARCH. DEVELOPMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH.
Developmental changes in the content of dopamine in the olfactory bulb of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla)1994GIORGI O; DEIANA AM; SALVADORI S; LECCA D; CORDA MGNEUROSCIENCE LETTERS
GABAergic and dopaminergic transmission in the brain of Roman high-avoidance and Roman low-avoidance rats1994GIORGI O; ORLANDI M; ESCORIHUELA RM; DRISCOLL P; LECCA D; CORDA MGBRAIN RESEARCH
A comparative study of the biochemical parameters of the GABAergic and dopaminergic neurotransmission in the brain of Roman high-avoidance and Roman low-avoidance rats1994GIORGI O; ORLANDI M; LECCA D; LOI R; ESCORIHUELA R.M; CORDA M.GEditorial Complutense
Modulation of [35S]TBPS binding by ligands with preferential affinity for benzodiazepine BZ1 sites in the cerebral cortex of newborn and adult rats1995GIORGI O; LECCA D; CANCEDDA E; SERRA GP; CORDA MGEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Amphetamine, cocaine and morphine produce larger increases in the N. Accumbens of Roman High-Avoidance (RHA) vs. Low-Avoidance rats.1995Corda MG; Giorgi O; Lecca D; Carboni G; Frau V; Piras G; Valentini V; Di Chiara GSOCIETY FOR NEUROSCIENCE
Behavior of the Roman-Verh high- and low- avoidance rat lines in anxiety tests: relationship with defecation and self-grooming1995FERRE P.; FERNANDEZ TERUEL A.; ESCORIHUELA R.M.; DRISCOLL P.; CORDA M.G.; GIORGI O; TOBENA A.PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR
Kinetics of tert-[35S]butylbicyclophosphorothionate binding in the cerebral cortex of newborn and adult rats: Effects of GABA and receptor desensitization1996GIORGI O; ORLANDI M; LECCA D; SERRA GP; ZHANG L; CORDA MGJOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY
Anticonvulsant effect of felbamate in the pentylenetetrazole kindling model of epilepsy in the rat1996GIORGI O; CARBONI G; FRAU V; ORLANDI M; VALENTINI V; FELDMAN A; CORDA MGNAUNYN-SCHMIEDEBERG'S ARCHIVES OF PHARMACOLOGY
Effects of cocaine and morphine in rats from two psychogenetically selected lines: a behavioral and brain dialysis study.1997GIORGI O; CORDA M.G.; CARBONI G.; FRAU V.; VALENTINI V.; DI CHIARA G.BEHAVIOR GENETICS
Biochemical parameters of dopaminergic and GABAergic neurotransmission in the CNS of Roman high-avoidance and Roman low-avoidance rats1997CORDA MG; LECCA D; PIRAS G; DI CHIARA G; GIORGI OBEHAVIOR GENETICS
Differential sensitivity to shock-induced suppression of drinking in the Roman/Verh lines and strains of rats1998Corda MG; Piras G; Valentini V; Scano P; Giorgi OSOCIETY FOR NEUROSCIENCE
Differential Ethanol Intake and Preference in Roman High- and Low-Avoidance Rats: Behavioral and Brain Microdialysis Studies1998Lecca D; Piras G; Valentini V; Corda MG; Giorgi O; Driscoll P
Palatable Food Differentially Activates Dopaminergic Function in the CNS of Roman/Verh Lines and Strains of Rats1999Giorgi O.; Valentini V; Piras G.; Di Chiara G.; and Corda M.G.SOCIETY FOR NEUROSCIENCE
Repeated morphine injections induce behavioral sensitization in Roman High-, but not in Roman Low-Avoidance rats.2000Piras G.; Lecca D.; Valentini V; Giorgi O.; and Corda M.GSOCIETY FOR NEUROSCIENCE
6, 3'- Dibromoflavone and 6- nitro- 3'- bromoflavone: New additions to the 6, 3'- disubstituted flavone family of high-affinity ligands of the brain benzo-diazepine binding site with agonistic properties2000VIOLA H; MARDER M; WASOWSKI C; GIORGI O; PALADINI A.C; MEDINA J.HBIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS
I Neurotrasportatori2000Di Chiara G.; Giorgi O.; Acquas E.
Voluntary ethanol intake activates meso-accumbal dopaminergic transmission in Roman high-avoidance, but not Roman low-avoidance rats2001Corda MG; Lecca D; Piras G; Viola H; Medina JH; Giorgi OJOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRYBLACKWELL SCIENCE
Increased responsiveness to cocaine and amphetamine in rats with neonatal excitotoxic damage of the ventral hippocampus2002Lecca D; Piras G; Meloni F; Corda MG; Giorgi O.
Chronic cocaine induces behavioral sensitization and opposite changes in core and shell accumbal dopamine output in Roman high- (RHA) but not in Roman low-avoidance (RLA) rats2002Giorgi O; Lecca D; Piras G; Meloni F; Meloni M; Corda MG.
Roman high- (RHA), but not Roman low-avoidance (RLA), rats develop behavioral sensitization and opposite changes in dopamine output in the core and shell subregions of the nucleus accumbens after chronic amphetamine2003Piras G; Lecca D; Piga D; Corda MG; Giorgi O.
Dissociation between mesocortical dopamine release and fear-related behaviours in two psychogenetically selected lines of rats that differ in coping strategies to aversive conditions2003GIORGI O; LECCA D; PIRAS G; DRISCOLL P; CORDA MGEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Dissociation between cortical dopamine and serotonin output and fear-like behaviors in two lines of rats that display different coping strategies in response to stress2003Giorgi O; Lecca D; Piras G; Corda MG.
Opposite changes in morphine-induced neurochemical dopaminergic responses in the shell and core compartments of the nucleus accumbens are associated with increased locomotor activation in an animal model of schizophrenia2003Lecca D; Piras G; Manca G; Stochino D; Giorgi O; Corda MG.
Repeated morphine injections induce behavioural sensitization in Roman high-, but not in Roman low-avoidance rats2003Piras, Giovanna; Lecca, Daniele; Corda, MARIA GIUSEPPA; Giorgi, OsvaldoNEUROREPORT
Differential neurochemical properties of central serotonergic transmission in Roman high- and low-avoidance rats2003GIORGI O; PIRAS G.; LECCA D.; HANSSON S.; DRISCOLL P.; CORDA M.G.JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY
A differential activation of dopamine output in the shell and core of the nucleus accumbens is associated with the motor responses to addictive drugs: A brain dialysis study in Roman high- and low-avoidance rats2004D. LECCA; G. PIRAS; P. DRISCOLL; O. GIORGI; CORDA MNEUROPHARMACOLOGY
Differential activation of dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens core and shell after acute or repeated amphetamine injections: A comparative study in the Roman high- and low-avoidance rat lines2005GIORGI O; PIRAS G; LECCA D; CORDA MGNEUROSCIENCE
Behavioural effects of acute and repeated cocaine treatments: a comparative study in sensitisation-prone RHA rats and their sensitisation-resistant RLA counterparts2005GIORGI O; PIRAS G; LECCA D; CORDA MGPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
The psychogenetically selected Roman rat lines differ in the susceptibility to develop amphetamine sensitization2005Corda M; Piras G; Lecca D; Fernandez-Teruel A; Driscoll P; Giorgi OBEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH
Neonatal ventral hippocampal lesions potentiate amphetamine-induced increments in dopamine efflux in the core, but not the shell, of the nucleus accumbens2006CORDA MG; PIRAS G; GIORGI OBIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY
The depression-like behavior of roman low-avoidance rats in the porsolt test is normalized by subchronic and chronic desimipramine pre-treatments2007BARBATO A; MARIA G. CORDA; OSVALDO GIORGI; GIOVANNA PIRAS
The psychogenetically selected Roman high- and low-avoidance rat lines: a model to study the individual vulnerability to drug addiction2007GIORGI O; PIRAS G; CORDA MGNEUROSCIENCE AND BIOBEHAVIORAL REVIEWS
The Roman high- and low-avoidance rat lines differ in the acquisition, maintenance, extinction, and reinstatement of intravenous cocaine self-administration2009FATTORE L; PIRAS G; CORDA MG; GIORGI ONEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Effects of antidepressants on the performance in the forced swim test of two psychogenetically selected lines of rats that differ in coping strategies to aversive conditions2010Piras G; Giorgi O; Corda MGPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Outbred male Roman high and low avoidance rats show different patterns of copulatory behaviour: comparison with Sprague Dawley rats2013Sanna F; Corda MG; Melis MR; Piludu MA; Giorgi O; Argiolas A
Dopamine agonist-induced penile erection and yawning: a comparative study in outbred Roman high- and low-avoidance rats2013Sanna, Fabrizio; Corda, MARIA GIUSEPPA; Melis, MARIA ROSARIA; Piludu, MARIA ANTONIETTA; Löber, S;... Hübner, H; Gmeiner, P; Argiolas, Antonio; Giorgi, OsvaldoPHARMACOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BEHAVIOR
Effects of chronic antidepressant treatments in a putative genetic model of vulnerability (Roman low-avoidance rats) and resistance (Roman high-avoidance rats) to stress-induced depression2014Piras, G; Piludu, MARIA ANTONIETTA; Giorgi, Osvaldo; Corda, MARIA GIUSEPPAPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Dopamine is involved in the different patterns of copulatory behavior of Roman high and low avoidance rats: studies with apomorphine and haloperidol2014Sanna, Fabrizio; Piludu, MARIA ANTONIETTA; Corda, MARIA GIUSEPPA; Argiolas, Antonio; Giorgi, Osv...aldo; Melis, MARIA ROSARIAPHARMACOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BEHAVIOR
Effects of acute cocaine on extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) phosphorylation in the limbic system of psychogenetically selected Roman high- and low-avoidance rats2014Piludu M; Corda MG; Sabariego M; Giugliano V; Rosas M; Giorgi O; Acquas EEUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
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